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03.01.2012 Feature Article

Have you asked the blue whale why it is the biggest animal on earth, corporate employees?

Have you asked the blue whale why it is the biggest animal on earth, corporate employees?
LISTEN JAN 3, 2012

All of us know that the elephant is the biggest animal on the land. Perhaps, much bigger animals than the elephant would have existed on earth once upon a time like dinosaurs, but as on date no animal on land can beat the elephant in size.

Is elephant the biggest animal on earth? Certainly the elephant is not the biggest animal on earth as some animals in the marine ecosystem are indeed bigger than the elephant. The blue whale in the ocean outscores elephant in size. The above information/knowledge is well known even to a kindergarten student and hence what is new about it and what the corporate and its employees have to learn anything so special from it?

The strong learning one has to generate or create is not from knowing the size difference between an elephant and blue whale or which is the biggest animal on earth but from knowing why and how one could become bigger than the other.

The corporate employees need to ask and find an answer to the question of why and how blue whale could become bigger than an elephant or how a marine animal could beat the land animal in size.

The growth is determined not only by the abundance of food but also by the space availability (opportunity) for growth.

Three forth of the earth's surface is covered by sea and one forth is only the land. The space for growth is larger/bigger in marine ecosystem than in land. This is the reason why the largest animal could form only in sea than on land.

Definition of the space should not be limited to the physical sense as it is all inclusive in nature. The space and opportunity to search, explore, experiment, discover and invent is must for endless growth and such space is available only in the sea than the land. That is why blue whale could grow bigger than the elephant.

The corporate employees must know it is not the mere competency, work culture, content or recognition facilitates the growth but only the space available for growth in the organization is what ensures the growth. Those who want to grow big in the organization must definitely identify such organization that has enough space for their growth. It is not how much support system is available there, how much opportunity is available is what one should carefully study and understand.

Those who want to grow need to explore and excavate the world. If the opportunities are less naturally the competency, capability and adaptability that are born out of such diverse exposures/opportunity are also going to be less among these employees. Hence choose your organization wisely if you aspire to grow big, bigger than anyone indeed.

Otherwise be calm and remains as what you are and enjoy the wonders of nature and limit your question and quest just to know who is bigger than whom. Never ever attempt to find an answer to why some are so big than others and why not me.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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