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December 23, 2011 | Diaspora Diaspora (Switzerland)

Best Wife for the year 2012.

Alex Adjei
Best Wife for the year 2012.

The Ghanaian community in Diaspora has chosen Mrs Belinda Darkwa as the Best Wife for the year 2012.

She lives in Zurich Switzerland with her husband and a child.

The couples have married since 1993
The husband who had a near death accident in 1996 is now mobile with the help of a wheel chair.

The faithful wife has been of tremendous help to the husband that he often times forget he is invalid.

All who knows the story of the couple can attest to her faithfulness and the help this wonderful lady gives to the husband.

We wish the family a happy marriage life, till death do we part.

This selection is sponsored yearly by the following

Family Adarkwa (Mama Mercy) (Burgdorf-Switzerland)
Stefan and Susan Hess (Burgdorf-Switzerland)
Dr Rahel Rotlisberger
(Wynigen, Switzerland)

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