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Opinion | Dec 9, 2011

Of Gay Right, Obama, And The Threat To Cut Foreign Aid

Of Gay Right, Obama, And The Threat To Cut Foreign Aid

The imperialists are at it again. This time, they are threatening to cut foreign aids to countries, including Ghana, that have refused to legalize same sex marriage (gay/lesbianism).

In a recent comment, US President Barak Obama threatened to cut US foreign aid to countries including Ghana that will disrespect the rights of homosexuals. President Obama's comments come after UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently issued similar threats to cut aid to anti-gay nations.

I am bemused by the attitude of both President Obama and David Cameron on this issue of gay right, and I don't think that, any Ghanaian is amused, either, by the shameful threat of withdrawing aids to Ghana by refusing to legalize gay right. I am not into behaviour psychology. However, I think that the indifference of Britain and US to the issue of same sex marriage as against the issue of morality, and our sovereignty as a nation, is creating unnecessary tension.

Why must Ghana accept this indecent foreign culture? Who the heck are these imperialists to tell us what to do as a sovereign nation?

If President Obama thinks that gay right is good for the Americans, why didn't he call for its legislation in all the 50 American states? We are tired of this blackmail, and can no longer countenance it. He must take the first step and divorce his wife and settle with a gay partner of his choice before advocating for the right of gays in Ghana.

Africans, particularly Ghana, should reject the promotion of homosexuality. This is morally wrong in our society from time immemorial. We are a descent people, and have never had problems with the "Kojo Bessias" in our midst. America or Europe, East or West or whatever, will not tell us to fuck our asses to get aid. What a shame.

We will be better off, and actually feel the value of our lives if we depend on ourselves. Is this the newest method to check population growth? Promoting homosexuality for what purpose? People who walk this earth, have principles, ethics and morals that they cherish and there is the need to draw the line somewhere not to be crossed.

There is an urgent need for a solid national response to this international threat and brewing isolation of Ghana. Homosexuality has broken Western societies, and they want to spread the spoils around the world. Our politicians, traditional leaders and religious leaders should come together and present a united front against this immoral campaign by the West. Then, Ghana should get off foreign aid, and place emphasis on trade and investments. Tax credits from foreign investments alone would be enough to offset all the foreign aid Ghana gets.

Ghanaians should begin to take a stand and not be pressured to adopt policies alien to our culture and religious beliefs. Let us be dependent on our own resources and be our own masters. The very same White men who came and colonize us by bringing with them the holy bible are telling Africans this time to forget about their values and just believe and practice homosexuality which is against the citizens' cultural values.

Let us ask ourselves why these western leaders tend to display their powers on the African continent rather than on the Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India, China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia, and in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, and Pakistan, just to mention a few.

The answer is simple: they always think that Africans are so weak that they can take us for a ride- just see the destruction in Ivory Coast and Libya. Today, they are telling us to accept that man and man can sleep together, and woman and woman can also sleep together. Tomorrow they will tell us to accept that it is right to sleep with animals in Africa. We Africans must never accept this culture on our continent.

Gay marriage is not supported by religion, and we must condemn all those who to mislead us into his immoral act.

Why should these western leaders wish to impose this culture in Africa on the pretext of human rights? Why can't they practice it in their own countries and leave us alone? We Africans have been blessed by God with everything - the sun, the rivers, the seas, the vast and arable land where everything can grow, all mineral resources and also a proud and a beautiful culture. We must, therefore, never abandon our Culture and Traditions to accept such a culture which is totally against our own culture and Traditions which we have been living with for ages.

We can live without these western influences. We were living peacefully until they came to colonize us. The old colonialists are coming again with similar tactics which resulted in our dependence on them, which has halted our economic and political development until now. African Leaders must, therefore, stand up against these reckless threats to cut aids in order to impose this culture on us.

We must refuse to take their money. Let us not allow them to divide us in order to colonize us again. Let them take their money because even their aids have done more harm than good to Africa. We have been taking these aids for years but we are standing where we were for over 50 years. Let us take our own destiny into our hands so that we can become really independent.

The Ghana government should not kowtow to any foreign Aid. It was the white man that first came to Africa. Before then, we were, and we will still be. Pro gay activists, including Obama are confused. Even animals are better than them. It is heterosexuality that made it possible for the likes of Obama and David Cameroun to be born and not the sexual intercourse of a man and his fellow man.

Maybe, it is about time, Africans put polygamy on the map. Yes, polygamy is more civilized than homosexuality. Even animals mate with opposite species. Why should man created in the image of God and above animals, behave like animals?

We must say no to the damn foreign aids with strings attached, and refuse to be cowed into submission by these unwarranted threats from the Union Jack and Uncle Sam.

We are better off without these aids.
I shall be back.
Emmanuel Dela Coffie
[email protected]

Emmanuel Dela Coffie
Emmanuel Dela Coffie, © 2011

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