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08.12.2011 General News

Ghana moves to ban importation of second-hand cars but…

By Joy News | Ghana
Ghana moves to ban importation of second-hand cars but…
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The Minister for Environment, Science and Technology, Ms Sherry Aryittey has disclosed a legislation is in the works to ban the importation of used vehicles into Ghana.

The minister who also announced that a lot was being done to reduce carbon emissions in addressing climate change challenges, was addressing the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.

“We also have put in place, inventory, monitoring motor importation into our country, we are going to come out with a new law that will ban the importation of second-hand vehicles into Ghana. We've done a lot of research into these areas. We have also trained people within the environmental protection agency to monitor these. We also have certain interventions that we have done – this is the bulk road transport system which we intend to put in place…” she said.

But transport consultant, Cecil Garbrah believes the said legislation has no immediate relevance will not succeed.

“Well I think it's absolutely not correct, that cannot be done. I mean if you look at the present situation of Ghanaians you ask yourself how many Ghanaians can afford to buy brand new vehicles, it is really, really impossible. All of us go in for used vehicles and I think it is rather important for the government to look at modalities of bringing such vehicles into the country than saying we're looking at a total ban, it is never, never possible, it cannot be possible.

“I think the minister should come back for us to do the homework well and see what plans we can put in place. May be for the next 20 years when Ghanaians are paid very well in this country and they can afford to just walk to a bank to take a bank loan and go in for a brand new vehicle but then from now, everybody knows it's very impossible.”

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