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26.06.2003 Gossips

Wickedness Killed the Desert Ghanaians (5)

By JW on SIL
Wickedness Killed the Desert Ghanaians (5)
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Why would a human being refuse another on the verge of death a small drop of water? Report has it that the death of the Ghanaians on the searing desert while trying to reach Libya enroute to Spain, stem from acute thirst when their friends or travel companions had refused them a sip of their water when theirs run out. So much for Ghanaians expecting God to help them, when they won't even share their water. My shipmates once caught five Ghanaian stowaways some two days to Italy from San Pedro, IC, because the rest had refused to share their water with one whose water had run out. Fearing for his life, he came out of his hiding place in broad daylight in search of water only to be caught. A search was conducted and they were all flushed out and flown back to Ghana.

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