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29.11.2011 Feature Article

Bird's struggle answer your career concern

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Although all the corporate people are born as human beings, in truth, many would think they are not as they never show courage to take decisions as real human beings. They try their best to postpone the decision process and prefer to endure insult, sufferings and injustice in the corporate life justifying it to be due to their fate or horoscope.

Many employees may not even dare to think of leaving the job and search a new one. Even if another offer is made available to them, they doubt whether they could perform well in the new organization if they join. They doubt their capability but ironically trust the current organization that constantly insult and ridicule them.

The eternal truth is that if an employee stays long in one organization, his or her ability to believe in the 'self' will be lost and they progressively would become as insensitive / sluggish as buffaloes. Staying long in one organization would generally cause erosion of the self confidence and self belief in people. The point is not against people working in same companies for longer period but they should be aware of the fact that you are born with vibrant capabilities and uncommon talents which they should explore in life.

The 'early bird struggle' should be a struggle to win and not to succumb. As soon as the nestling (bird in the nest) develops its wings, attempt to fly from the nest. The young bird slowly and clumsily tries to walk on the branches of the tree. While walking, it tries to jump from one branch to another and flap its wings. In most instances, the bird refuses to leave the branch. Its trust in the wings is poor in the beginning and its faith on the legs is great. As long as it holds onto the branch, it cannot fly. To fly, it has to free itself from the tree.

Reason for the 'early bird struggle' is more because it doubts its wings and believes that holding onto the branch of a tree is safe.

The wings for a bird are to explore the world beyond the trees and its nest and with time the bird recognizes the above truth. The message to be drawn by the corporate people is that they need to shift their belief system from one level to another at different time points. What may be relevant at one stage can go meaningless when you aspire to graduate to next level.

The employees should not feel shy to accept the truth that if the organization in which they are working is not making any relevance and meaning to their career. Once the truth in built in and glory of the current job looses its meaning and charm, they should explore new vista of opportunities in the world.

The early bird believes in its feet and also in its wings. Only when it believes in its wings it could fly high. Similarly, the corporate employees having faith or gratitude in the current organization is not just enough, they also should believe and trust in their 'self' that they can do wonders if they join other organizations as well.

Early bird struggle does not last long and so are worries about resigning from an organization and how the future could be?

Only when you leave the organization, you can find your path to the world. If you hold your faith only in one level means you may never grow to the next level. Then naturally you will prove that you worth only the current job and all the associated insults and injustice as well.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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