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21.11.2011 Feature Article

You are weak if you are hyperactive

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Having hyperactive people in the organization is good or bad? When a child shows the sign of hyperactivity, although it may cause problems to the parents but still they feel proud about the child as they believe that the 'child' is very active & dynamic and not lazy & lethargic.

If we study carefully the behaviour of hyperactive people in the corporate world, we can discover the fact that only people who are in the marketing and to some extent in HR exhibit hyperactive syndrome. Have we ever understood why they are alone hyperactive in the organization? The stupid human mind always interprets hyperactivity to be as high level of activity/effort or high performance.

In truth, only people who does not have clarity and focus alone will be hyperactive. One should distinguish the difference between hard working and working for long hours from being hyperactive. Involved in a particular job may be for longer hours does not amount to hyperactivity.

Only people with scattered thoughts and scattered focus largely exhibit hyperactivity. Such thoughts or actions never yield any result. Corporate must be very vigilant on such employees. If a proper training or orientation is not given to such employees, they may even infect other employees in the organization.

While understanding or studying the employees, the organization should clearly map the activity to be whether 'hyperactive' or hard working. No organization can ever achieve anything with such people as they will be always busy working but for what they are yet to know.

If we observe the animal world carefully, we can find that only stressed animal exhibit hyperactive syndrome. Many animals in the cage/zoos do exhibit stereotyped behaviour, whereas when they are in the wild, they remain calm and collected. Studies also have shown that only stress and other adversities such as anxiety, fear, pain etc., cause hyperactive responses in animals.

Corporate should accommodate occasional or sporadic hyperactivity syndrome in its employees but it should not be allowed to become the work style of people nor be the culture of the organization.

Hyperactive or hyper responsive skin is a clear sign of weakness. People with such predisposition are treated with wide range of medicines and also have to be very careful in protecting their skin.

The word 'hyper-activeness' clearly denotes a sign of disadvantage and not health, both in the animal world and also in the medical science.

The corporate HR must be very wise in understanding and mapping the behavioural undulations and work style of its employees only then they can develop the organization and the people.

Interestingly, in most instances, the HR itself shows serious signs of hyperactive syndrome in many corporate. HR also may believe that hyperactive employees are the best assets to the organization. They also continue to believe that only good HR practices and reward & recognition culture of the organization alone facilitates/support such employees. But the truth is quite different.

Beware of super active employees as they are strictly not the super performers in the organization. The super active employees have defects in their work style and such people seldom contribute to the growth of the organization.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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