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17.11.2011 Feature Article

If you differ change?

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Many corporate employees those who are serving for long years in the same organization do reminisce frequently about their past and often say that the past was very good & glorious, but things have changed since then and the organization has become very bad now.

Certainly no doubt that many things must have changed in the organization between then and now. Many employees must have resigned and many must have also joined as well in the past. The organization would have either grown or would not have also grown during the period. But what really would have made the long serving employee to say that the organization was good then but not now? It may be true that things would have been bad now when compared to those days.

What needs to be decoded from such reflection of those employees is that they have not changed with changing time and also have not understood about the urgent need for a change. They would not have been sensitive and would not have understood the reality of the universal truth that things are ever changing.

The other truth is that those employees who could stay long in the same organization itself were possible only due to the fact that neither the employee nor the organization was sensitive about the universal truth.

If the employee were sensitive, they would not have stayed long in the same organization and similarly, if the organization were sensitive, it would not have entertained the same employee for such a long period in the organization. One would not be in a position even to perceive any difference if he or she was moving along with time or in other words were changing with the changes.

One can feel and perceive changes only when they have not changed with time. None of us ever feel the great difference in our natural growth from childhood to adult. Only when others comment about the same, we may get the feel of such changes.

When we are with changes, we may not able to experience changes. The organization must be aware of the fact that only those employees who recollect the past and ruminate it frequently are not the best fit for the durable future of the organization.

Do animals also perceive the changes and do they compare the present with the past? All animals live in the present and live with the present. Scientifically speaking, animals may not compare the present with past nor they known to stretch the present to the future.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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