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15.11.2011 Regional News


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The Awoamefia dispute of the Anlos took a nasty turn when one Cornelius Ackumey, who belongs to the Agbeve lineage of Col. Togobo opposed to the alleged imposter Patrick Agboba and has been active in carrying out errands for the Agbeve lineage, was attacked with acid in Tema in late October. Details are just slowly coming out to light.

We can reveal that under the seemingly peaceful atmosphere at Anloga, as trumpeted before and during the recently celebrated Hogbetsotso festival, there is simmering tension and repressed anger which might explode into something not peaceful at all. The peace is only holding because of the restraint being shown by the aggrieved parties from the Agbeve and Drafor lineages who are opposed to Mr Patrick Agboba being installed as Awoamefia., The dispute is very much alive in the courts of the land, i.e., the VR Regional House of Chiefs, a Ho High Court and a Fast Track Court in Accra. All claims of being resolved peacefully and there were no cases in court as claimed by Lawyer Chris Ackummey in the Daily Graphic of 4 November are patently false!

Cornelius had an acid in a plastic bag thrown at him. Luckily, the acid missile did not hit his face directly and some bystanders rushed to his aid with water to wipe off the splash from his body and face. He has been on admission since then at a private clinic in Tema. The acid was thrown at him by presently at large hirelings suspected to be on a mission for the Agboba camp and his Azimaxada lineage and some rogue elements from the Drafor lineage supporters. The intention is to disable him from carrying out errands for the plaintiffs.

When news of the attack was recently broken on the Eweland Yahoogroup forum by one Andy Kwawukume belonging to the Drafor lineage also opposed to the impostor, it was greeted with disbelief. One person requested to see a picture of Cornelius in bandages and a police report to confirm the story. However, one Devine Akabutu, a known supporter of the impostor, waded in while reporting on the Hogbeza and confirmed the story thus:

“But before I go let me comment on the Acid story. Yesterday, as some friends and I cooled off at one of the Drinking joints we met two friends of Cornelius Ackumey, a Medical officer and a lawyer, who told us the acid story. In fact one of them said he had advised Cornelius to distance himself from the raging Chieftaincy matters just hours before he incident. Corne was lucky the acid didn't get to his eyes else he probably would not see again for the rest of his life. This turn of events is most unfortunate and unacceptable.”

Reacting to the above, one Sammy Adrah, who has been playing a similar role as Cornelius for the Drafor lineage wrote:

“…About the acid bath, it is now clear that we don't like competition in Anlo. As soon as there is a looming defeat, either the supposed victor must die through juju or must be attacked physically. Why should Cornelius be advised to stop instead of encouraging him to go ahead for the truth to be established? If those who are attacking has a case why won't they allow the processes to go on so that they can establish their legitimacy over the kingdom. Let those of us who are enlightened condemn what we are seeing now. “

Indeed, it must be condemned by all civilised people. Shedding further light on the Hogbeza celebrations and some blatant false claims being bandied in the Press, he wrote:

“The fact that they claimed Hogbetsotso was last celebrated in the last 13 years meant that they just did not know what they were saying. Torgbui Tamekloe celebrated it in 1999 and 2000, Awadada continued it in 2001 and 2002. He was stopped by Torgbui Addo in 2003, Nyonyo celebrated it in 2006 and the 2007 [one] (sic) was what brought the confusions. So claiming that they are celebrating it for the first time in 13 years means that the Awadada himself think without Awoamefia, he cannot lead Anlos in modern war. Thank God we are no longer in war era.”

An elder linked to the plaintiffs commenting on the attack said: “These people are not only liars but evil. They have been spreading lies upon lies on Jubilee Radio and in the Press that the case has been settled and now are resorting to criminal attacks to spread fear and intimidate us into submission. They must be smoking wee! We shall jail them, sooner or later!”

When asked whether an attempt was made to take an injunction against the celebration, he replied: “That's a vile lie and vicious propaganda! The publication in the Ghanaians Times is clear what we are opposed to: Agboba's involvement in it. We have urged the celebration of the Hogbeza all this time and went all the way to the Supreme Court with the Awadada against those who derailed the Hogbeza in 2003. Of course, it is all lies that it hasn't been celebrated for 13 years. The lies are so ghastly and shameless that one can only shake his head in amazement! But it shows that these people are “ame barabarawo” and have become like “adzoblasuwo.” If we leave Anlo in their hands, we'd be doomed. (We plead forgiveness for not interpreting those Ewe words into equivalent English, closest being “bad, crooked people” and “highway robbers”, i.e., people who waylay and rob others of their properties, in this case the Awoamezi or stool).

Meanwhile, a group calling itself “Volta Region Youth for Unity and Development” has released a strongly worded press statement attacking Anlo chiefs and President Mills for the alleged non-invitation of former President J.J. Rawlings to the Hogbeza. There are many who are of the opinion that, since the festival theme was Peace and Reconciliation, the organisers missed a golden opportunity to at least get the two former friends now at loggerheads to shake hands. The festival thus appears to have rather created additional disunity and disgruntlement than its vaunted theme.

Stay tune for further reports based on insider information we have acquired from both camps involved in the dispute.

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