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14.11.2011 NDC News


By Fieve Dugboer Karl Julius
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The relevance of leadership lies in the growth and development it brings to the people. It takes men of clear vision and pure heart to demonstrate this relevance. The success of a leader does not in any way depend on how fast or quick or loud he/she is able to talk or even act but depends on the ability of the leader to make tactical and strategic decisions which would have positive impacts on the life of his people.

For these 10 years of Hon. Joe Gidisu's leadership of Central Tongu, the aims and aspirations of majority of the people have been met in one way or the other. Indeed, he has brought a new directional leadership experience to bear on the running of the affairs of Central Tongu. Even though he had worked for 8 years as opposition MP for the constituency, his performance has far outweighed that of his predecessors.

It is of no wonder that, the Chiefs and People of the constituency would not want to do away with him and vow to do everything possible to get him endorsed by delegates of the NDC during the Constituency primaries in case there may be any challenger.

The creation of the new Central Tongu District is unarguably the brainchild of Hon. Joe Gidisu– a development his constituents are grateful for. It must be emphasized that the creation of the new district is a dream come true for all and sundry in North Tongu and above all, a fulfillment of a strong campaign promise of Prof. Mills and Hon. Joe Gidisu to the good people of North Tongu and thus another feather in the cup of Hon. Gidisu.

Because of the creation of this new district, the chiefs and people of North and Central Tongu can now get their fair share of the national cake. This is not to suggest that, they were in the past not given their quota, but the largeness and heterogeneity of the old North Tongu District does not augur well for proper development of the district.

For the avoidance of doubt, it must be put on record that, the old North Tongu District had two constituencies ie. North Tongu and Central Tongu with 8 traditional areas namely Mafi, Bakpa, Mepe, Battor, Volo, Dorfor and 2 others. It is undeniable that even some of these traditional areas like Mafia and Bakpa in their separate own are larger than some district assemblies in the country in terms of land mass and population.

For the records also, it took the initiative of Hon.Gidisu, then an MP for the old North Tongu constituency to get the constituency divided into two in 2004 by the Electoral Commission.

But for the sensible and timely intervention of Hon. Gidisu as MP for Central Tongu, most developmental projects in the Constituency whether completed or ongoing would not have come on. In fact, Hon.Gidisu is just a saviour sent by God to the people of Central Tongu and indeed a man of renaissance.

The only prayer of the people of Central Tongu for now is that, an excellent and dynamic Chief Executive who would possess the qualities of the outgoing DCE for the old North Tongu and incoming for the New North Tongu- Hon Dzinadu Bubey be appointed by H.E Prof. John Evans Atta Mills to manage the affairs of the newly created Central Tongu District.

Hon. Joe Gidisu, Central Tongu says Ayekoo; you are indeed an illustrious son. Your good works would always linger in the memory of Central Tongu.

Delegates of the NDC would never forget your good works and would do a favour to Central Tongu by endorsing you massively during the NDC primaries incase there be any challenger for that is the fierce urgency of the moment.

Let us all from Central Tongu be reminded that, for the next 5 years (at least as Prof. Mills remains in office as president), the growth and development of Central Tongu is inextricably bound to Hon. Joe Gidisu being an MP for the constituency.

However, MP, let the sky be your limit.
To my fellow youth who think to criticize is to use words of insults are advised to desist. It is good to criticize our leaders but that must be done on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our criticisms to degenerate into insults and attack of personalities. This would be like a structured dam blocking the forward match of Central Tongu.

Long live our dear Tongu, long live Hon. Joe Gidisu and long live Ghana.


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