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Trillion Volumes of Darkness cannot put off the Light from a Candle however small it may be

Even if it takes only Water to neutralize the Power of a mighty Fire, Darkness does not die because of Light

Steel in all its Might is but a Drop of Water in the Burning Ocean of Fire and yet Steel is still Steel in spite Fire

Darkness in all Her Majesty is but a living Dead in the Kingdom of the living Sun and

Yet Darkness does not commit Suicide out of fear for the Sun

Birth with all its Mysteries and Jubilation is but Salt in the Water of Death and

Yet Birth and Death are only two Sides of the same Coin called Life

Death in all His Freedom and Might is reduced to Ashes whenever and wherever Birth occurs and
yet No one ceases to give Birth for fear of Death

What will life be without Her Sweet but Painful Birth and Natural Death

What will Life be without Her Joy and Pain

What a World there will be without its Failures and Successes

What will Man be without the Challenges of Growth and Decay

Be you a Darkness or Light , Water or Fire, Birth or Death

The Essential in Life is not what You were yesterday or will be tomorrow but what you are Now

The Essence of Life is not what you possessed Yesterday or will possess Tomorrow but
what you do Now with what you have however little it might be to get what you do not have

The Secret of Life is not what happens to you Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow but how you React to it

There is no Past without a Present

No Future without a Past and no Present without Both.

Your Yesterday and

Tomorrow are your Today and

Without which

There is no Tomorrow or Yesterday

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

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when a lion runs and turn back it does not mean it is a coward but it just want to know the distance it has covered.
By: Stephen Donkor