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13 Reasons Why Afrika Is the Origin of all Human Beings

13 Reasons Why Afrika Is the Origin of all Human Beings
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*By © 2011 Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, * PhD; Doctorat d'Etat, PhD; MSC.;

DESS ( French M.Phil ); Diplome de l'IIAP, ( French Post Grad Dipl); BA Double Hons etc* [email protected]

*To our today's colonial/neocolonial Powers and their Institutions as well as their Euro-centric or Westernized , Arabanized , Jewinized or Foreignized leaders, elite, scholars and leaders, kept in power and highly rewarded for keeping alive and well, their Slave/colonial/neocolonial status quo and prison states without nations that are feeding fat on the carcasses of the Bulk of their Continental Afrikan People, it is not and can never be true that Continental Afrika of all places in the world, is now scientifically, historically and archaeologically proven to be the Cradle or the Birthplace of Humanity.

Not their Europe they have become addicted to. Not the Middle East they cannot stop hailing as holy land . Not Asia. Not North and South Americas. But Continental Afrika which they still consider secretly if not publicly, as the world most dark, uncivilized, savage, crude, barbaric, lost, poor, third world, underdeveloped, backward and inhabitable place on earth which we all know is not true based on the following Thirteen Pieces of evidence our research has uncovered which are all supported by the fact that:

1) The oldest Human Bone on Earth has been found in Afrika which is carbon-dated to be about four million years old.

2) Human Bones found in other continents are less old than Afrikan Human Bones,

3) The oldest Human Tools on earth have also been discovered in Afrika which are also four million years old ,

4) Human Tools found elsewhere are less old than Afrikan Human Tools,

5) The oldest Human dwelling place or abode we call caves has been found in Afrika,

6) All other Human abodes discovered so far outside Afrika are less old than Afrikan Caves ,

7) The oldest Human Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Jewelry and Beads have been found on the Continent of Afrika ,

8) 0ther Human jewelry found outside Afrika are less old than those found in Afrika.,

9) The world's oldest Human Footprints have also been found in Afrika which are said to be four to there million years old,

10) Up till today, no other human footprints have been found in any part of the world that come near in age to those found on the Continent of Afrika,

11) The world's oldest Woman on earth has been scientifically proven and confirmed to be an Afrikan Woman whose genes are found in all Human Beings on Earth which has been confirmed by a DNA TEST, 12) The world's first and oldest Human Being that walked upright and used his hands which scientists call Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis have been discovered in Continental Afrika and finally,

13) The world's first and oldest Modem Human Being from whom all of today's Human Beings have been descended has also been discovered in Continental Afrika.

All the above Thirteen Scientifically, historically and archaeologically proven Fact/Evidence/Truth which today's Euro-centric Educational Factories we call our Institutions are scarce to death to teach for fear of losing control over us.

And yet, the above Evidence proves without a shadow of a doubt and beyond all reasonable doubt that it is Continental Afrika who is the world's First , Oldest and most Ancient One and Only and Sacred and Holy Land, Source, Birthplace or Virgin Mother of All Humanity and not any of our today's rulers of the world who now behave as if they own the world or that the world cannot survive one day without them.

And the trillion dollar question that comes to mind is why, in the face of all the above thirteen historic, archaeological and scientific Facts proving Afrika as the Cradle of Humanity, today's led and controlled Western World or Humanity continues to treat Afrika, their Mother, as the world's ZERO place of all zero places on Earth?

And the answer is clear. Western Powers and their religious, trade and political agents in and outside Afrika know the only way they can go to Afrika to buy and sell Afrikans, and treat them as their Bonafide properties, objects and slaves to be conquered, dominated, controlled, influenced, exploited, abused and kept self-ignorant, fragmented, dependent on their Political, economic and social Crumbs, Leftovers and Surpluses is to Successfully de-Afrikanize, dehumanize, Westernize, Assimilate them by turning them into non-Afrikan a non-Human with No Glorious Continental Afrikan Past, No History, No Civilization, No Heritage, No Rights, No Nation, No Government, No Democracy or No Leadership.

Through and in the name of all these slave/colonial/neocolonial lies , untruths, miseducation and misinformation which we hail as our " education, training, development, progress, success etc " , they had and still have all the excuse, right, justification and rationale they need to justify to themselves and their public, why they must conquer, dominate, control, influence, exploit and use Afrikans no matter what.

As far as these Arab/Western/Jewish Afrikan Slave Buyers and Sellers and their Traders, Missionaries, Explorers, Colonialists and Neocolonialists are concerned, they must Suppress, or Dismiss as untrue or lies the above AFRIKACENTRIC Truth that Afrika is the CRADLE of Humanity simply because it CONTRADICTS and makes null and void their slave, colonial, neo-neocolonial, racist, white supremacist claims and agenda that they are better, more superior, more civilized than Afrikans.

These slave, colonial and neocolonial lies about Afrika were and are still being taught in most if not all of our today's western/Arab created and based educational factories all over the Continent of Afrika today in the name of "education, training, exchange" which makes ninety nine percent of today's Western/Arab/Jewish-educated and trained elite, scholars , intellectuals , elite or PRODUCTS to know everything about others but know little or nothing about themselves as proud Continental Afrikans with a Glorious Continental Afrikan Past, Root, Heritage, History, Civilization, Culture and Values that are the world's first and oldest on Earth.

That is why their Euro-centric, Westernized, Arabanized and Jewicized Leaders kept in power by them for them on the Continent today still believe the slave, colonial and neocolonial lies that today's Afrikan is black as charcoal or the Devil and the white man is white as God or Angels, the Afrikan is a third world being while the white man is a first world being, he is poor on the richest Continent on Earth and can do nothing without the white man he hails as rich, he is underdeveloped and the white man is developed, that the God of the Jewish, Arab and white man ancestors are better than the God of his Afrikan Ancestors, that his Afrikan Democracy is no democracy until and unless it is western democracy, that his Afrikan Education is no education until it is a photocopy of western education, that his Afrikan Religion is no religion unless it is imported from abroad, that colonial languages are better and superior to hid own created Continental Afrikan Language and Lingua Franca he is programmed to dismiss as impossible to think of let alone bring out, that Westen/Arab/Jewish names and ways of life are better than his own Continental Afrikan Names and Culture he knows little or nothing of.

That is why none of the Above THIRTEEN FACTS ABOUT AFRIKA'S GLORIOUS PAST ARE taught today in most if not all our today's Foreign-based and oriented educational factories that specialize in teaching today's Afrikans, LIES in the name of slave, colonial and neocolonial lies presented to us as education, knowledge, progress, civilization, development, modernization and success for us to accept, believe in, live and die for. While our own TRUTH such as the above, we are carefully programmed to avoid, ignore, fear, treat, reject and dismiss it as NON-EXISTING, UNTRUE or IMPOSSIBLE .

But whether today's uprooted Afrikans and their External Patrons like it or not, the time has come for all to know the above Truth which is destined to set us all Free, once and for all, from our present Hell of Self-ignorance, Fragmentation, Dependence and Lack on the Richest Continent on Earth.

NB; The author Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, holds the highest French PhD called Doctoral d'Etat in Continental/Diaspora AfrikaStudies/Political Science from Sorbonne, Paris ll, and is currently a Professor, Public, Guest and Keynote Speaker and International Consultant, Mediator, Arbitrator and Negotiator with a Spartanburg-based 501 (c) 3 Tax-exempt Afrikan Culture Institute and Author of 138 AFRIKACENTRIC Books and 200 Afrikacentric Papers on the Root CAUSES of the Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World Crisis and why only an URGENT CREATION OF WHAT HE CALLS AFRIKACENTRIC CONTINENTAL AFRIKANATION AND GOVERNMENT AGENDA CAN SAVE AFRIKA FROM THE HELL OF ITS TODAY'S MAN-MADE HELL OF SELF-IGNORANCE, DE-AFRIKANIZATION, FOREIGNIZATION, WESTERNIZATION, ARABANIZATION, JEWINIZATION, CHRISTIANIZATION , ISLAMIZATION , DEPENDENCY AND MAN-MADE LACK ON THE RICHEST CONTINENT ON EARTH OF WHICH HE IS THE WORLD'S CHIEF EXPERT AND CHAMPION PROMOTER AS GARVEY-NKRUMAH REINCARNATED AND HEIR.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD;

*Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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