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24 October 2011 | Feature Article

African leaders shut up! Khaddafi was better off than you!

African leaders shut up! Khaddafi was better off than you!

“Do not be afraid to directly redistribute the oil money and create fairer governance structures that respond to people's interests.”

“My dream during all these years was to give the power and wealth directly to the people." Words of Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Dictator and bad Khadaffi made Libya like Europe and Democratic good presidents of Africa are sending their countries back to stone age. what a contrast! Now they are stabbing him at his back, though dead.

Through out his 42 years rule in Libya, Khadaffi has received much criticism and condemnation mostly from the international super powers. His reputation was always attached with titles like dictator, mad Khadaffi, African monster, evil man and cruel, which were not mere hatred though sometimes over exaggerated. Less criticism were hailed on him from his own brother presidents in Africa.

Among some fans of Khadaffi he was seen as a brother and mostly referred to as Brother Khadaffi or Colonel. His courage to face the super power worlds nose-to-nose made him win favour among some Africanists and Pan-African activists.

After his death, African leaders across the continent are raising unanimous voices against wicked Khadaffi as a dictator and evil man who has reaped what he sowed. Well said and how easier it is when pointing fingers.

But are African leaders worthy to be compared to Khadaffi in national development? The answer is a BIG NO!

For more than 50 years when African states began to be independent, there has not been any improvement and progress in domestic development. Almost all African states leans against the arms of the West for loans and aids for national development. Greed, corruption and pride are characterized by African leaders. Poor management of natural resources and oppression of the poor. Every African president comes to meet zero accounts and leaves office either topping up debt or leaving coffers zero.

Up to date, almost all African countries are struggling in loans which has given the West an opportunity to exploit the continent of its natural resources. African leaders can never be compared to Khadaffi both in national development and courage.

"Libya is Europe in Africa" said by people who have been there. Actually it is commonly known as the "African Switzerland" which can be credited to Colonel Khadaffi for his interest to build Libya to match shoulder to shoulder with the West. Even though Khadaffi lavished himself in wealth, he was not considered as corrupt.

During the South African apartheid, Khadaffi fought vehemently for South Africans to gain their independence from colonialism. Nelson Mandela remarked that, the friendship between South Africa and Libya would never be forgotten.

Libya's contribution in the AU amounted to 12%. Khadaffi believed in one United Africa which he pushed it hardly in his life time but received little support from AU member states. He was also seen as a generous giver to states and individual presidents. He established the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) in 1998 which was operated in Libyan capital Tripoli and offices in Chad, Germany, the Philippines and Sudan.

A recent wiki-leaks made it known that French president Sarkozy was partly sponsored by Khadaffi during his presidential campaigns as president which the French president denied the allegation. But the son of Khadaffi insisted that they needed their money back.

Khaddafi stood against the Mediterranean Union which was initiated by France to cut off the Northern Mediterranean African States to form a common Union with Europe. He believed that, the Union was going to split Africa into two and however saw it as a conspiracy move.

African leaders should shut their mouths and die peacefully. They have failed Africa and their hands are tied up to their conscience that they can never do any good. They are sucking the blood of the poor. The monster is gone. Now we live with the wolves in sheep skins. GOD SAVE AFRICA!


By: akoaso-HH quot-img-1