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26.09.2011 Politics

Let's Focus On Real Issues - Otiko

By Daily Graphic
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The NPP National Women Organiser, Ms Otiko Afisah Djaba, has described the operations of Wikileaks as ‘wicked witchcraft’ motivated by wicked gossip.

According to her, in the name of transparency, accountability, whistle blowing and deepening democracy, the leader of the Wikileaks group, Julian Assange, who is said to be funded by some anti American NGOs,has opened cans of worms which are poisonous, worrying, damaging and dangerous, especially if not well managed.

Reacting to the recent fall out from some Wikileaks revelations on Ghana, Ms Djaba said she was worried that the reaction on the leaked ‘classified information’ had dominated all major discussions to the point that it had drowned discourse on real issues that needed attention.

“Depending on who’s been hit, we are feeding on the Wikileak information to score political points. It has distracted us to the extent that all our debates are focused on the leaks at the expense of pressing bread and butter issues that confront us.”

“ Each affected group picks the part that better serves their interest and caution is thrown out to the winds at the expense of mother Ghana.This is very pathetic as it gives us the opportunity to throw political daggers at one another with relish and the more blood we draw the better. We use the leaks to cause as much pain as we can, not to repair, not to build but to destroy and hopefully annihilate a political party or opponent, and that is ‘wicked witchcraft,” she said.

She also said rumours were dangerous weapons that could trigger war as it happened in Rwanda.

“Wikileaks is creating problems in Ghana, Britain, India, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, to mention a few. They can be damaging as they are being used to damage reputations by unscrupulous people. Although an eye opener, these rumours can be the catalyst for war, betrayal, serious agitation, divisions among relatives, the destruction of diplomatic relations, destruction of relationships even among friends; political parties and governments if not managed with care.”

“These revelations in the leaks, made up of the perceptions and musings of people who spoke in confidence to American staff, can incite brother against brother, muslims against one political party, deepen conflict, increase disunity, deepen mistrust intra political parties and generally cause havoc in societies globally.”

Miss Djaba advised that the leaked information must be managed by those who choose to work with it more responsibly so as not to destroy the nation.

“ We must stop vilifying our leaders. Our leaders will continue to dialogue with the US Embassy but they must not use these windows of opportunity to destroy their opponents and to promote themselves but rather act in the best interest of Ghana. Using these wicked leaks to score political points is self limiting and detrimental to mother Ghana.”

“We cannot build a nation on gossip, propaganda, distortions and misrepresentations of the truth as we perceive it. People’s perceptions are just their personal views and deductions and not facts. They cannot prove anything and would not hold up in a court of law. We must learn not to talk too much and be careful of what we say, how much we say and to whom we say it,” she advised.