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5 September 2011 | Education


Nana A. Agyei-tripple
Paa Kwesi Evans- Principal of NLTI
Paa Kwesi Evans- Principal of NLTI

The principal of Youth Leadership Training Institute (YLTI)-Afienya, Paa Kwesi Evans has called for government support in other to improve the lives of student body in all Vocational and training institution across the country.

Speaking at the National Youth Volunteer Camp hosted at Y.L.T.I at Afienya-Accra, he made his intentions to the government through National Youth Authority. “Vocational and training is one of the key note in formation of jobs for over hundreds of young people in the country”.

According to him, the youth leadership training institute was built in the early 1960's under the Presidency of the first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

And assisted by German NGO named Norman Foundation, “this place was used to recruit people to join the military and also pilots” it all started when Hannah Ritz, a Germany pilot visited then President of the country. - He said.

Moreover, this institution is not under Ghana Education Service the reason being is after the establishment by the first president, the president of the state Gen. Kutu Acheampong who believes in the administration of young people took it upon himself and took all the administrative work directly as the president.

Ever since, Ministry of Youth and Sport, together with NYA train people in this institution since all institution cannot be under GHS.

In additionally, the school trained all people in different angle of education i.e. Junior and Senior High School graduates, school drops-out, and student from the tertiary instructions as well as marriage women who want to learn how to cook and learn secretarial ship.

“It difficult for all the institution in ten region to play sports”-Paa Kwesi Evan

The school therefore needs enough materials material in other to train more youth in the job market. The school has provided people like the popular gospel musician Grace Obaa Yaa Ashley, and Prophet Elija Amoakoh among others.

Concluding, Paa Kwesi Evans appeal to the old students of the institutions to tell the world about the school and help the institutions as well, “I was listen to an interview granted to Grace Ashley and she failed to mention that she was once a product of the institution”-he added.

Below are some of the awards given to the institution:


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