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28.08.2011 Feature Article

RE:Mills -A Property Grabbing Kleptocrat -NPP UK

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When it comes to a government who ruled purposely to loot its people, there cannot be a better example than the New Patriotic Party (NPP). To make matters worse for them, the NDC government under President Mills is showing leadership based on selflessness, honesty, transparency and the adherence to the rule of law. This situation has put the NPP in the worse possible light among many morally upright Ghanaians. The NPP has been fighting this self inflicted image for ages, but just as any habit, they cannot get rid of it by the usual Danquah-Busia dirty propaganda.

I am not surprised to read the comments made by the NPP in the UK. They are doing their best to muddy the waters and suggest that the NDC government is as corrupt as their party did in government. The good people of Ghana are far more intelligent and discerning to differentiate between the highly corrupt NPP government under President Kufour and Nana Akuffo Addo and the honest NDC government under President Mills.

This irrelevant issue of the president renting a house is just a waste of everybody's time. The NPP and their media empire in Ghana largely built by state funds is simply fabricating stories and seeing mansions even where there are none. President Mills genuinely entered into an agreement with a private developer to rent a property for use by some of his security details. This is an open and transparent transaction. Details of the transaction are covered in correspondence made available to the press. There is no question of the President abusing his office or stealing from Ghanaians. As stated in a letter dated April 7, 2011, the President was unambiguous about his intention to rent and personally pay for the renting, "I shall be personally responsible for the payment of the rent involved." I therefore urge the NPP nation looters and their surrogates everywhere including the UK never to compare their looting brigade to the NDC, rather they must be remorseful for their crimes against the people of Ghana and learn the attributes of good governance from President Mills.

It is now clear that there is no mansion anywhere acquired by the President. That means the Daily Searchlight News paper lied and must apologise to the President and the people of Ghana. The days of gutter journalism are over. A sub-structure under construction in not a mansion as shown in the pictures published by the gutter daily searchlight. I think they need more light to see properly.

The NDC will never indulge in any act that will steal from its people. The NDC vowed never return Ghana to the days where NPP presided of the looting of state properties. NDC will not sell state lands to its cronies, President Mills will never abuse his office to buy hotels, chasing women from the East to the West, North to the South of the globe, all in the name of looking for foreign investors.

Unlike disgraceful chairman of the NPP, Jake Obetsebi Lampty who is still insisting on buying a state land, the NDC is focusing on building infrastructure for the people.

The president is focusing on building a Better Ghana for all and the results are here for all of us to see, unlike some of the achievements of the NPP which they showcased including a picture of a smiling Monkey at Fiema Monkey Sanctuary.

The NDC is delivering on the promises in their manifesto and beyond, the economy is getting better by the day with all the indices pointing to a very positive future for all of us. The drug menace in the country which was supervised by President Kufour and Nana Akufo Addo has largely been reduced.

We all know President Mills is focusing on his responsibility to lead and build a prosperous Ghana; He did nothing wrong by seeking to rent a place for those who protect him. He is a caring person and will always do his best to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians including his security.

Long Live President Mills
Long Live Honest People
Long Live Ghana
God bless Us All

Kwame Agbodza
Kwame Agbodza, © 2011

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