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25 August 2011 | Politics

Prophecy: 500 to die in 2012 elections

Prophecy: 500 to die in 2012 elections

Renowned end time preacher, Rev Gabriel Ansah of N'asem University on Adom FM has predicted that about 500 people will lose their lives as a result of clashes between the NDC and NPP in the 2012 elections.

According to Rev Ansah, his prediction has been confirmed by recent pronouncements and actions by politicians as well as their insistence on winning the 2012 polls irrespective of the cost.

Speaking to Adom News, Rev. Ansah said while the NPP seems to have completed their strategy for winning the elections, the NDC is equally prepared to use all resources, including that of the state to retain power.

He disclosed that both NDC and NPP will not forgive their respective presidential candidates if either of them fails to retain or win power in the next elections.

“Look, I'm telling you, they are both desperately looking for power and will burn this country, if we don't do something about it,” he lamented.

Rev. Gabriel Ansah warned that Ghana should not hide behind the excuse of being a predominantly Christian nation as our prayers will not save us from turmoil because Ghanaians pray selfishly.

He accused modern day Christians of being overly selfish and praying for their interests. “The only thing that will save us are intercessory prayers, if we don't stop those selfish prayers against our spouses and running after wealth, we will all be taken by surprise until the day when politicians plunge this nation into chaos,” he said.

The 'N'asem University' host told Adom News that Ghana is no better than Kenya; insisting that the battle lines have been drawn by the politicians.

He blamed the work of 'demonic powers' for the exposure of the misdemeanours of some religious leaders thereby resulting in the loss of confidence in God and the waning of the faith of Christians.

Last week, Rev. Gabriel Ansah predicted that a political commentator would be stabbed to death during a radio discussion before the elections and also warned that if fervent prayers are not said, there will be a major disaster in the oil rich Western region next year.

Story by Afia Pokua/Adom News/Ghana

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