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17.07.2011 Feature Article

Are you validating or verifying in corporate

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What is happening in the corporate world the most – invention or discovery of truth? Or in other words, validation or verification that occupies the centre stage in most organizations? What the people at large are search for or are looking for?

The interesting truth is that the mind of most corporate employees works paradoxically. They approach every issue or problems in a totally two different ways viz., one rule for themselves and totally different set of rules for others. When they invent a truth for themselves they try to discover the truth in others. In total contrast, when they tend to discover the truth for themselves, they invent one ready made truth for others.

In a simple parlance, if someone is not given annual promotion means, the same person would feel sad. He did not get promotion is true, but the reason/truth for why promotion was not given to him, the person would start inventing in the best of his/her capability and imaginative power. Invention of truth in such situations complicates life. When one tries to invent truth means he or she is going to make their life very miserable and depressive.

Corporate world thrust a lot on invention than discovery. Industries in general give great priority to filing patent than research publications. Whether such patent is useful or not, but they believe that they can justify their invention and invention capability only by filing patent in many countries despite the huge cost. They do not want to be identified as discoverers than inventors in the business world.

Invention is always an objective and result oriented process. The intent/objective, the end result and the methodologies to be followed are well known for every invention. When the corporate employee approach their search of truth in the above fashion/matrix, at any cost, the result becomes inevitable. In the sense, the result should meet the objective/intent. In corporate, every effort must yield a result. Quest for invention in corporate push the people to invent truth than see or search the truth. Unfortunately, the truth will never find its place in most of the corporate.

This deeply coded mindset would drive the corporate people to become frustrated as none listen to them when they speak truth. One should remember the fact that 'your' truth is always different from 'my' truth in corporate. It will remain true whether you are at the receiving end or at the giving end. The victim would cry to the people to verify the truth, but others would be on validation mode with their preconceived assertions and past experiences. If someone is found guilty, the guilty will plead for discovery of truth, but people around him/her would validate or invent truth just to fix the person. It is very unfortunate that the invention and inventors also can be very dangerous at times.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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