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Jul 14, 2011 | Crime & Punishment

Let's act jointly to tackle the growth of homosexuality


Kumasi, July 14, GNA – The Most Reverend Thomas Kwaku Mensah, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kumasi, has asked the church to work together with the state and traditional rulers to tackle the “evil of homosexuality in the society.”

He said everything should be done to stop the rich and powerful nations from forcing the alien and ungodly practice on Africans in the name of “human rights.”

The Bishop said although globalization had come to mean the cultural movement of ideas about economy, the use of technology and behaviours and lifestyles influenced by international fashion, “we should not copy blindly things without moral values.”

He was speaking at the ordination of five Catholic priests in Kumasi.

Most Rev Mensah also condemned the practice of abortion, saying the traditional African also family frowned upon that.

It was, therefore, worrying, he said, that some people were advocating that women should have the right over their bodies and cause to be aborted “so-called unwanted pregnancies.”

He said in as much as the church conceded that it was not within its power to change the course of the world's governance, it reserved the power to protect itself and the congregation against harmful influence of immoral practices and lifestyles.

Bishop Mensah invited all Christians to pray for the clergy to help them to stand firm and grow in the spirit as they performed their assigned job of bringing hope and salvation to the society.

Rev Father Sylvester Owusu-Gyekum, Parish Priest of the Toase Saint Peter's Catholic Parish, counselled the new priests to be humble, open and transparent.

They should become good examples to the rest of society and avoid any temptation to become obsessed with wealth and material things, he advised.


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