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June 13, 2011 | Regional News

Who is Ga Mantse After Installation Of Another Mantse?

Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II (left) and King Tackie Tawiah III (right)Another Ga Mantse, under the stool name Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, was Sunday installed by some kingmakers of the Ga State to succeed Nii Amugi II who passed away some six years ago.

This brings to two the number of occupants of the Ga Stool, with King Tackie Tawiah III, who was installed in 2006, still in office.

The rival king was introduced to the people amidst the firing of musketry, drumming and dancing.

Known in private life as George Tackie, the new king is a businessman based in the United Kingdom. He was in town on a short holiday when he was captured and confined on Friday, June 10, 2011 to begin the installation process.

The traditional rights were performed by the Sakumono Wulomo, Nuumo Ogbarmey III, supported by the acting Nai Wulomo, Nuumo Tumono Mli Yaotey, before he king was outdoored and introduced to the people of Ga Mashie who cheered.

The installation came three days after the Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte II, had hinted during the lifting of the ban on drumming and noise-making that a new Ga Mantse would be installed before the celebration of this year’s Homowo Festival which takes off on August 13, 2011.

When the Spokesperson for King Tackie Tawiah, Nii Boi Abbey, was contacted on phone, he described the installation as contempt of court.

He said the Ga Stool was not vacant and that before a new king was installed, there was the need to destool the occupant by preferring the necessary charges against him, noting that nothing of that sort had been done.

The spokesperson said whoever had been installed as the new Ga Mantse did not hail from the Abola Piam We, as was being claimed by the so-called kingmakers.

According to him, the entire stock of Teiko Tsuru We descendants were of matrilineal lineage because Nuumo Teiko had three daughters, without a son, and King Tackie Tawiah, the current Ga Mantse, was a son to one of the daughters, adding that the assertion that only the patrimonial lineage could access the Ga Stool was not true.

He said the person who had been installed as the new Ga Mantse did not hail from Abola Piam We because his great grandfather had been adopted into the Teiko Tsuru We and had no legitimacy anywhere near the Ga Stool.

King Tackie Tawiah was installed the Ga Mantse on June 13, 2006 by Nii Akropong III, the Head of the Teiko Tsuru Royal House, to succeed the late Nii Amugi II.

The deceased Nai Wulomo, Numo Tete, the Spiritual Head of the Ga State, presided over that installation.

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