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11.06.2011 Feature Article

Welcome President Obama!

Welcome President Obama to Africa, the Middle East and the world. Peace be to you!

Peace, Life and Liberty have been central in personal, national and world affairs. All are engaged in search for security for the human race and hope of progress for all peoples and nations. Only Satan and wicked man have no true plan for life and liberty, peace and progress in the world.

Since the Garden of Eden, Satan via the serpent has subverted the human race through subtle and crafty manipulation of human desire and/or fear for life, liberty and power. Adam and Eve did not lack liberty, power nor food. Their lives were not threatened in any way. However, their desire, covetousness and/or aversion to Divine power landed the human race in death, loss of power and spiritual glory, in short FALL IN GLORY.

It is ironic in this connection to observe that the lessons of human history and the challenges, rising risks of security, peace and liberty and the imminent and inevitable fall of empires and kingdoms have not been enough and sufficient guide to the nations. Thus, America the land of liberty for a long while now has proved blind to the lessons of history in her imperialist bid for global power and the command of nations and peoples, global political power and wealth, and world order in general.

In the course of the years, America an otherwise Christ believing and confessing nation and people has mortgaged and transferred her TRUST in GOD to ECONOMIC POWER and MILITARY MIGHT, from faith and hope for Life and Liberty in Christ and the Truth of Scripture and Abiding Mercy, Providence and Presence of God the Creator to faith and hope in Silver and Gold, Guns and Machines. As one American Republican politician once put it, America is not engaged in building the city of God but rather the city of man.

Indeed faith in science and technology, derivatives as they are from Divine endowed human innate power and treasures in nature is now being diverted into and treated as the STANDING LIGHT and HOPE for man to the exclusion of the knowledge, delight, honour and glory of God the Creator who is spirit, life and light. Man now considers himself a liberated, free and enlightened being, autonomous and independent of God. He has no respect for God nor for that matter any higher authority and power as such. BUT THAT IS A LIE.

In the nations of the world to-day, there is total rejection of God and Christ the Son. Once there is NO GOD, NO CREATION and NO CREATOR, and since nature runs on a game of chance, to wit EVOLUTION, man as God unto himself and creation can intervene, divert and manipulate nature's assets, including the virtues, laws and powers of nature to EVOLVE, yea CREATE THINGS to meet human needs however defined, however determined. Indeed, people, whatever persuasion, conviction, desires, powers and process have right to denounce God. Thus God-denouncing evolution-minded America can assume and in fact has assumed position, standing and status as God to herself and to the nations and peoples of the world.

Super-power America that considers herself redeemer, having “overthrown” super-power Soviet-Union deserves RIGHT, HONOUR and GLORY as God, Victorious One, Benefactor, Liberator and Redeemer of peoples and nations, indeed the world.

But spiritual truth and history have taught us that God the Creator shares His glory with no man. That, He brings to nought the works and counsel of men and nations. He humbles the proud and haughty and causes empires and kingdoms to fall. No empire nor kingdom has remained and can remain permanent and everlasting. Only the Kingdom of God abideth forever and ever. Amen!

It is this reality that has caught up with the United States of America, demanding change in foreign policy, practices and conduct in the world. The truth is that the Mighty Hand of God is resting upon America the self-appointed and self-acclaimed God of the world to pull down her imperialist machine TO DELIVER, LIBERATE and REDEEM PEOPLES and NATIONS from America's imperialist stranglehold. God wants to end unrighteous, unjust and wicked economic exploitation and oppression of peoples, and nations and the accumulation and concentration of global wealth, and human suffering connected therewith.

In this connection, it is spiritually correct to say that World Wars I and II delivered colonial and oppressed peoples and nations from European colonialist and imperialist exploitation and oppression. We are persuaded that, similarly the recent financial crisis and military failures and mounting debts connected thereof have set a stage for the deliverance and liberation of peoples and nations from American imperialism. Most important still, they are leading to the fall of America's global super-power stance and pretence as God of the world. America is also facing a range of floods, tornadoes, fires and other acts of God, at a time of domestic economic gloom.

The SPRING REVOLUTION IN NORTH AFRICA and THE MIDDLE EAST is yet another significant factor in the Divine human redemption equation. We have had the privilege once to hear the Most High God describe and lament over the state of the PEOPLES of Arab-Middle East. According to the Lord the Arab peoples are the most CHALLENGED PEOPLES amongst the peoples and nations of the world. That, America's ambition and design to hold and control ARAB-MIDDLE EAST is not only responsible for the lack of peace and stability in the Middle East. It is also responsible for the oppression, suffering, pain and lack of progress for the peoples of Arab-Middle East. The peoples revolution is in effect a Divine Act of Mercy and Deliverance.

In this jugular control system, America's choice of Israel as ally and nerve centre is strategic for her imperialist control of the Middle East.

Today, the deprived, oppressed and challenged peoples of Arab-Middle East have been thrown a lifeline by God Almighty through the events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Already, America's imperialist machinery has suffered and is suffering jolts, pains and setbacks beginning with Iraq-Afghanistan wars. The real issue at stake in the Middle East is not so much nationhood for Israel and Palestine. It is a matter of the shaking of the control mechanism to liberate the challenged peoples of Arab-Middle East.

America is now faced with very deep and serious spiritual, political, economic and cultural challenges. America can see through the eyes of President Obama and his counsellors that America's interest and future lie with the people and no more with the kings and emirs, emperors and presidents, royal families and kingpins in the political and economic arena, and to some extent the religious gurus of the Arab world.

It would appear that on the whole the huge sums of money accruing to the Arab nations and peoples ARE NOT repeat not kept in the Arab countries. The revenue is not available for national and regional economic development and social advancement, employment and well-being of the peoples involved. The monies available and circulating in Arab-Middle East is not commensurate with the volumes accruing to the respective nations.

Although we have no statistics to buttress this observation, there can be no doubt that the monies derivable from oil and gas are in banks in Europe and America. Is it London and New York, Zurich, Paris and Frankfurt and to some extent Moscow?

In other words, in all practicalities, there is but marginal transfer of monies from Europe and America to the Middle Eastern countries to pay for the oil and gas transactions. Like in the old colonial arrangements, the Middle East has but little and marginal evidence and benefits from the God-given regional treasure of oil and gas. The oil and gas are in effect being hauled away free and at little cost. Capitalism is indeed a tool of exploitation and oppression.

That is why in the recent skirmishes and attempts to break the old bondages, the people are not only being branded as rebels, the USA-Europe support has been made contingent upon the identification of the emerging NEW LEADERS with whom Euro-America can enter into bargains and arrangements, non-written and hidden MOU's that will perpetuate or at best modify the status quo but marginally.

In that case, the NEW PEOPLE'S LEADERS OF THE SPRING REVOLUTION will only replace the old guard of “sacrosanct” royals and political, military and religious elite. Until such arrangements are agreed upon, the old guards will continue to oppress, kill and maraud the people with brigandry and impurity. It is not surprising some of the old guards are holding on fast to power and the old order. For example, Ghaddafi started by singing the old American refrain, Al- Qaeda terrorism, so to neutralize American support for the people.

The Euro-USA companies and governments, supported by the UN Security Council are only bidding their time waiting for the emergence and agreements with the new leaders, creditable in their sight and on their terms. Britain and France have begun to throw their drag nets into the waters.

Meanwhile, all that is taking place and will take place is the freezing of accounts of royals and intransigent leaders. The large national assets held in Euro-American banks do not come at all in the equation.

Accordingly, one is tempted to wonder whether President Obama and the USA giants have had some understanding and MOU's with the emerging leaders of the Spring Revolution. Have the new leaders of the emerging NEW ARAB MIDDLE EAST asked for Pre-1967 territorial Israel as bargaining chip for peace and condition for agreement on the recognition and respect, security and stability of Israel as sovereign nation and people. By the way, Palestinian nationhood is only a red-herring.

Finally, may we seize this opportunity to remind Christians world-wide that Jesus Christ came and preached peace, salvation, healing, deliverance and redemption for all, all peoples and all nations, for Shem, Ham and Japheth for Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan, for Hebrew Israel and the Arab people as well as for all the Gentile nations and peoples as a whole. If there is neither Jew nor Gentile with Christ Jesus, even so there is neither Isaac nor Ishmael, Jacob nor Esau among the children of Abraham. The human race of all peoples and all nations has been reconciled, delivered and redeemed at THE CROSS and RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST. In Christ Jesus therefore, the old spiritual and cultural boundaries have been pulled down and removed. All peoples and all nations are UNITED in PEACE and GOODWILL for the praise and glory of THE ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD, Creator, Father of Jesus Christ, Saviour, Redeemer and Restorer, Builder of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Hope of the New Man, New Heaven and New Earth.

May Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his people see, understand and honour JEHOVAH'S plan for the human race through Jesus Christ, Son and Messiah, God, King and Lord of the universe, Governor of the nations. Amen!

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10: 10NKJV)

Christ mission was, is and ever will be PEACE ON EARTH and GOODWILL TOWARDS MEN! Hallelujah! Amen!

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Enoch Immanuel Amanor Agbozo
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