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05.06.2011 Feature Article

Artist is a creator not a destroyer, the story of tailor bird

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Man is a great creator. Man has created several wonders in the world and out of which, seven creations of man has been declared as 'seven wonders of the world'. Tourists from different parts of the world are thrown in to see the beauty, mighty and creativity of the man.

Is man a genuine creator, sincere at heart? Is man a genuine admirer of beauty and poetry? No true poet or an artist will ever fail to appreciate the beauty in the creation of others. If he failed to do so, he is not a poet or an artist, but just a 'scriber' or a mere 'painter'. How a mind filled with beauty and poetry can miss to appreciate the natural wonders and care to respect them.

The inborn ingenuity of a weaver bird or a tailor bird in building its nest can beat the intelligence and all the technology of man. Has the weaver bird or tailor bird ever gone to a school or college and studied the construction technology or civil engineering? Has a weaver bird or tailor bird cut or have destroyed any forest ecosystem to build its nest. Has the bird at any time affected the ecosystem for its personal gratification of building a nest? After all, the bird uses only the materials such as dried hey or leaves or twigs with which it makes its heaven.

How a tiny honey bee or a wasp builds the hive? Beauty in perfection and perfection in beauty, one can see in the hive of honey bees or nest made by the wasp. Who taught them or from where they have learned the technology or the art? Do they destroy any forest ecosystem or nature for their welfare?

Just look at the way how a spider makes its web. Can any weaving machine invented by man so far reach the perfection of a cobweb made by a spider? They withstand the rain and wind to a greater extent. Have you ever heard of a forest being destroyed by a spider (s) to make their web?

The simple tenet all these creatures follow is 'be with nature and be of nature'

If one make a microscopic examination of a spider web, may get bewildered to see the mathematical precision and accuracy with which the web is been woven by a spider.

Ever man has time to learn from these creatures about the essence and meaning of life? Has he ever admired the beauty of the natural wonders made by these species. Neither has he shown the heart and mind to value these 'creations' nor allowed them to live peacefully with their nature. He destroyed their creations; he has destroyed the very creator and certainly the ecosystem in which such beauty in ecstasy was dancing and existing.

Is man a true creator? or a heartless destroyer of beauty. Does man has the sensitivity to look and love the nest of a bird, hive of bees or the web of a spider. Man has so much to learn, so much to celebrate and so much to enjoy from the 'handicrafts' of these tiny creatures. Without much technology, without any destruction of nature, without the use of any cement, steel or bricks, how they could create beauty. Man must remember that only the 'selfless' act give birth to art and beauty, not greed and destruction.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
S. Ranganathan, Dr., © 2011

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