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25 May 2011 | Diaspora (Netherlands)



First of all allow us on behalf of NDC Amsterdam Branch to thanks all Attendees to the 21st May 2011 Conference

that was dubbed GHANA's NATIONAL INTEREST FIRST” thank everyone that contributed to make this conference a success. Delegates from the various EU chapters that graced the occasion did highlight the need for our great party NDC to begin to build bridges aimed at uniting the NDC party for the congress in July 2011.

Every Ghanaian in the diaspora, we believe, has a role to play in securing peace and stability within our beloved country Ghana, hence our slogan for the conference was EVERYBODY COUNTS. Today, all Ghanaians home and abroad are somewhat aware and concerned about the on-going wrangling with the NDC party because it ultimately affects the development of our nation's democracy., and we believe the lip servicing and passivity of our leaders has led to the current state of affairs. NDC Amsterdam branch took the initiative to address the importance of what makes us all Ghanaians (Republic of Ghana)., and by so doing, try to bring our leadership to realize that it surely isn't about personalities but instead the ability to foster peace and socio-economic development that ensures and enables all Ghanaians enjoy the nation's wealthy resources fairly. The Women's Organizer Anita Arthur-Nyann, touch on why it was important that we all as Ghanaians have a say in our nations development endorsing the Everybody Counts slogan.

At the conference, a speaker from the NDC UK branch, spoke eloquently about the need for us all to unite under one umbrella, and shy away from tribal politics, and the politics of lies, deceit and insults. Our current leadership, quite frankly have not lived up to the expectation of the average Ghanaian, and for us to begin to heal as a party we all agree to the template of acknowledgement and accountability. Ghana has come a long way, and at 54yrs we all agreed that its time for Ghanaians to embrace the policy of holding our leadership to account for their actions to the very people that voted them into power. At 54yrs our leaders must be able to lead by example so that the culture of political acquisition to property does not

The call for unity was highlighted by the Chairperson for the event, Mr. Dodoo, who emphasized the need for all NDC members to reflect on the past in order to address the future. In that reflection he touched on the need for members of the NDC party to learn to respect, trust and be loyal to the ideals of the party that makes us all throw our allegiance to the Party. It was mentioned that should Ghana's National Interest not seriously considered and respected, Ghana could very well be on a self destructive path, since current events at the helm of government is not addressing the issues within the party effectively. The lack of attention given to wrangling within the leadership in countries like Rwanda, Ivory Coast , Sierra Leone etc is what led to the civil disorder/war that followed and took these countries to civil war. The media in Ghana must also act responsibly to ensure that our nation's interest is held with the highest regard and respect, he said, moderators of the various Media houses/Radio/Tv shows should all understand that Ghanaians look up to them to uphold themselves with intergrity and honor. Ghana deserves better to achieve an agenda that empowers us all to be accountable to our actions and utterances. No personality is greater than our national interest.

NDC Youth leader for the Amsterdam branch, expressed sadness to how disloyal and disrespectful some members of the NDC party have shown to its leadership, citing that, it was rather disgraceful to listen to some public figures get onto the radio/tv to disrespect the Founder of the Party. He also said if the party is to heal it is essential that we all take a step back and analyze our very own actions and acknowledge how wrong we have acted. Loyalty he said was essential to build trust and empowerment in the youth. How can the youth learn to respect the older generation if the older generation is busy disrespecting themselves he concluded.

In her speech ,Dr Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings, who was a guest speaker at the occasion told delegates at the conference, some of the reasons why she felt motivated to pick nomination forms for her candidature bid to the Flagbearer-ship of the NDC party for 2012 elections. She said, the current administration is deviating from the core-principles of the NDC party, which many Ghanaians are suffering from as a result of that deviation. NDC members present agreed to the fact that little is being done by the current leadership in Accra to engage the core-principles of the Party. Her campaign manager present with her at the conference also spoke about the need for NDC to be bold in tackling the key issues that face the country, sighting examples of how the current leadership is blind to the real issues facing Ghanaians and Ghana as a whole today, and the indiscriminate use of Government funds to intimidate and finance personal projects. Mr Berrick, also spoke about the need for all NDC members home and abroad to be bold in expressing their views and opinions in a mature manner that can enhance peace and understanding. He agreed with a comment by some members attending the conference, that the current party executives are the ones that has let the party members down because too many of them were busy amassing wealth.

In closing, the chairperson for the occasion again stressed on the important need for all members of the great NDC party to embrace the fact that Ghana's National Interest First should be the template that every politician in Ghana work around with. The culture of fabricating lies, insults, misuse of public funds and the likes of that all go to show weakness, because should a leadership have or hold the strength necessary to effect positive change, there would be no need to for that leadership to result to lies and insults. Members in attendance, gravely expressed the need for all NDC executives to pull together as one to enable the party retain its mandate to govern the nation come 2012. Ghanaian policy makers and government official should all understand that the use of money to buy electorate is a very dangerous precedent being set and an immediate stop to these acts is what the conference called for. Without finger pointing, the chairperson said NDC executives should be bold to do the right thing and dare themselves to think out of the box to network with all NDC members able to foster unity and peace in the Party. Commenting to the Dr. Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings candidature, Mr. Dodoo said he personally doesnt agree with the notion that Ghana isnt ready for a female president, because to him its like to say we should all wait till its 3pm for us to have a meal, drawing analogy to the fact that there is no such thing as the right time, since in his view every time is the right time, adhering to the POWER OF NOW. He said it was important to note however, that, in a democracy people should learn to be tolerant to understand that there would always be differences of opinions/views but it should rather empower us than divide us. He thanked the delegates from the UK, Germany, Sweden etc and ended the conference challenging all Ghanaians to stand up and be bold in holding our leaders accountable to their actions for the interest of our Nation Ghana. Respecting each other is key to this process to unity.

Eyer Zuu Eyer Zaa Long Live NDC !! Long Live Ghana!!

Interim Executives
[email protected]
(fotos of the conference can be found at the Facebook page of NDC Amsterdam Branch )

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