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22 May 2011 | Diaspora (Canada)


Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

True to its words of spreading the message of God which passes all understanding and provides salvation in all fields for man, the Ghana Methodist Church Mission in Toronto, will on May 28, 2011, inaugurates a new society in Ottawa.

Reverend Emanuel Ohene-Gyemah, who is the minister in charge of the Montreal society, disclosed these to this freelance writer in an exclusive interview just at a break of the annual general meeting of the North American Mission at Toronto on May 21, 2011.

According to him, the church In Toronto has set out a clear mission of continuing the work of the founder Very Reverend John Wesley who spread the word of God to many people to as a matter of fact win souls for Christ.

“Here we are therefore called to continue his good works by identifying core points of believers set up societies where people will come together to share the word of God as well as reach out to others who may be willing to give their lives to Christ for salvation” he explained.

The church in Toronto formed 13 years ago, established a branch in Montreal which now has a minister in charge of that society in person of Reverend Emanuel Ohene Gyemah.

Now Reverend Emanuel Ohene Gyemah, leading the Montreal society, has taken the task of opening a society in Ottawa the national capital of Canada where possibly another inauguration would be done to establish the society of Calgary not too far in future, whiles plans are far afoot for the establishment of the Edmonton society by the end of this year.

Answering the question as to whether the church would be for only Methodists or for the people calling themselves as Christians, he said,” we are called to reach out to those who are lost and bring them to Christ therefore our mission is to reach out to all who are ready to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior like the founder Reverend John Wesley did in his life time”.

Reverend Ohene Gyemah, reached out to all persons to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior because there is no time to waste as signs of this present world all points to the fact that the judgment day is near.

In his regular sermons, he has been reminding members of congregation that really looking at events unfolding every passing day means the second coming of Jesus Christ could happen just like that without any further warning to mankind therefore the need to prepare to welcome that day.

Preparing to meet that that day he explains is one amending his ways by giving up on his bad ways and accepting the savior by following the instructions in the bible.

The minister of God was very happy that the church collectively is embarking on this mission of spreading the word of God to save lost souls and was very optimistic that with God's grace success will be their mark at the end of the mission.

As he indicated earlier, the church will not be strictly for people with Methodist background but for people who want to accept Jesus Christ, he will like to appeal to residents in Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary to come and fellowship with the church so that together as one body could serve the almighty God in peace and truthfulness for him to bless all.

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