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14 May 2011 | Diaspora (Canada)


Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada

The new superintendent minister in charge of the Ghana Methodist Church Mission in Canada, Very Reverend [Dr] Emanuel Asare Kusi, has made his vision known which is reaching out holistically to members of the church and Toronto community and beyond by planting at least five churches in the next three years in other provinces in the country.
Reaching out holistically to church members, Toronto community and beyond, Reverend Dr. Asare Kusi, explained meaning balancing both church service activities together with that of social activities like promoting healthy marriages, care for those in need or bereaved and of course care for the young people.
Reverend Dr. Asare Kusi, made his vision known to this freelance writer after a special welcome service has been held at the church's head quarters in Toronto to officially induct him as the new superintendent minister who took over from Very Reverend Jacob William French who completed his five years mission service in December 2010.
He praised the past ministers who established and held on to ensure that the church grew to where he has come to meet and assure both leaders and the entire membership of the church that with their kind support will lead them to expand evangelism to reach all the corners of the country.
The minister of God who is gifted with the spirit of evangelism which helped him to plant 10 churches in Wa, Tumu and Tamale before his transfer to head the Canada mission gave recognition to his past predecessor who took to training of local preachers, bible class leaders, establishing church organizations to play their roles all towards the entire growth of the church and promised to continue to completion.
This promise he has started working on by sensitizing members and getting everybody on board. He has also started training young bible readers, service conductors, liturgists as well as holding retreats and prayer segments aside what is normally held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday evenings to strengthen members to embark on the Christian journey successfully.
Reverend Dr. Emanuel Asare Kusi who has had 20 years experience as a minister of God did not deny the fact that sometimes ministers face some challenges which often times be lack of support of their God given visions but through his training and exposure has been involved in evangelism which has been his goal and passion.
“The zeal to reach out to the lost souls was there but it became full with all those training exposure I had from Amsterdam, Billy Graham conference for evangelists down to my graduation from the Trinity Seminary through Fuller Seminary where I became a volunteer in church building.
“With all these zeal, one expects the needed financial and human support which sometimes does not materialize which makes the church administration sometimes very difficult but thank God always there is a way to go to solve these problems for the members to receive the direction from God” he pointed out.
He explained that a call to ministry is that conviction that comes from God before going into ministry because one can not force himself since it comes in many ways.
Shedding more light on it, he noted that some people force themselves into ministry where at the end of it they fail and regret for doing so whiles others have resigned leaving others still at post but everyday complaining to the detriment of the work of God.
Accordingly, any committed Christian can receive the call to full time ministry saying,” but by their fruits we shall know who are right ministers of God and those who are not”.
Every Christian has a measure of gift of healing. Praying for yourself works but ones a while praying with ministers of God is encouraged not to go for prayers from ministers of God, he advised.
He urged members of the church to pray and also forget about the past and press on in unity to achieve greater things for God to bless the church.


He was born 50 years ago at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana to Opanin Kwame Kusi and Madam Grace Asare all of blessed memory.

Started his primary and secondary education at Abesim R/C,Japekrom Presbyterian Primary and Sunyani Methodist Middle Schools then to Sunyani Secondary School where he had his 'O' and 'A' levels certificates.

Had his college and University education at Trinity Theological Seminary, University of Ghana, Legon, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, and Asbury Theological Seminary, KY in U.S.A.

About his secular work experience, he was he taught at Berekum Secondary School where he later became the vice principal of Sunyani Commercial College from1982-1986.

Reverend Dr. Asare Kusi was commissioned as a minister of God in 1990 and served in Tamale Circuit, Wesley Methodist Kumasi, Pasadena UMC, WA-Upper West Region, Atwima Koforidua, Kumasi, Konongo and Accra as circuit minister, superintendent minister, missionary and director of evangelism, mission and renewal-Methodist Headquarters.

Having done the work of God for 20 years running one expects him to have won some awards and yes he has such awards as Presiding Bishop award, Pastor Evangelist –Church Planting 2002 BEESON INTERNATIONAL LEADER 2006 as well as Global Prayer Ambassador 2010.

Also Reverend Dr. Asare Kusi, has three publications in his credit and they are,” The Practice Of The Means of Grace, Wilas Press, Kumasi 1997”, “The Holistic Mission Of The Church In Northern Ghana…..A Doctoral Thesis, Asbury Seminary 2007” and “I Believe In Prayer…..Accra. In Print.

Interestingly, the minister of God also have different interests aside that of God work which are community development, soccer, volleyball, reading and of course religious interests such as leading thousands souls to the lord Jesus Christ for the great expansion of the kingdom of God by the church planting.

As already stated in the above story, the man of God is mission is to train to be a leader of leaders and plant many churches around the world for holistic growth. Thus to be pleasing and glory to God and his people, and no wonder through his counseling about 20 persons have gone through training and be ordained as Methodist ministers.

Of course the Methodist minister's family is composed of Mrs. Felicia Asare Kusi who had 30 years experience as a nurse and three children namely Eunice Asare Kusi, Samuel Asare Kusi and Josephine Asare Kusi.

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