Top Military Man Beats lady Into Coma....

By Independent

A top officer of the Ghana Armed Forces has been dismissed for beating a lady into a comma at the Ghana Armed Forces. Col Festus B. Aboagye who until last November was the Commanding Officer of the Ghana Military Academy was dismissed on Friday, March 14 this year on the recommendation of a General Court martial of the Ghana Armed Forces for beating one Mrs Ahiable into coma at the Ghana Military Academy.

Mrs Ahiable’s crime was that she had used a footpath through the Ghana Military Academy to her house which is situated in the newly developed settlements behind the Academy.

So severe was the beating that had to be rushed to the 37 Military Hospital where she was taken to intensive care. Col Aboagye was reported to have issued instructions when he assumed office as the Commanding Officer that no civilians were to use the Academy as a thoroughfare to settlements around.

Mrs Ahiable who was obviously unaware of the directive was using the path when she was accosted by Col Aboagye who did the most unfortunate act of beating her into comma.

Col Aboagye was arraigned before a General Court Martial of the Armed Forces. He pleaded guilty of the offence and was subsequently dismissed.

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