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26.04.2011 Africa

African leaders asked to reflect on Jesus' resurrection

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April 25, 2011
Hohoe, April 25, GNA - Reverend Van Azare, Founder of Rhema-Way Chapel in Hohoe, has appealed to African leaders to be humble and reflect on the significance of Jesus Christ's crucifixion, death and resurrection.

He called on them to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus in their efforts to solve problems confronting the continent.

Rev. Azare, who gave the advice at Easter Sunday homily at the Hohoe branch of the church, said Christ's life on earth was decorated with selflessness, compassion, love, humility, and his ability to make peace between man and creator God.

He said the crucifixion of Jesus occurred in an era of prominence and fame, but that did not motivate him to rebel against the heavenly status quo.

Rev Azare said Christ ignored power and embraced his destiny to die on the cross for transgressors and sinners.

He asked leaders to relinquish power with integrity and honour than to plunge their countries into chaos and anarchy.

Rev Azare said: "Let us play to the rules of engagements, reflect soberly on the life of Jesus Christ and learn lessons that would bring change for growth, development and prosperity.


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