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11.04.2011 Social News

Juniors Don't Obey Me

By Alfred, Accra - Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty,
I am 14 and in Junior High School ((JHS)). I am the school prefect of my school but the juniors do not obey or respect me. I have noticed that they obey the other prefects in the school but do not know why they do not respect me.

l want the juniors to give me the necessary respect, since I am the school prefect.

What should I do for the juniors to obey me?

Dear Alfred,
If, as a senior, you do not do what is expected of you, your juniors will not give you the necessary respect.

Why is that they obey the other prefects and not you? As a prefect, you should command respect by your behaviour.

Search yourself and find out if there is something that you do which people complain about and do your best to put a stop to it.

You have to be nice to the juniors, be helpful to them and as much as possible, get close to most of them. That way, they will love your company and show you respect.

But if you are always at their throats and very bossy because you are the school prefect they will also try to retaliate and avoid you.

Once you show concern for them, they will gradually like you and give you the needed recognition. All the best.

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