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09.04.2011 Feature Article

Creepers in corporate

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Climbers/lianas in corporate? Corporate HR must know the meaning of it. The people who are inherently weak in decision making and absolutely lack leadership qualities fall under the category. This group of people always needs a strong leader to lean on.

The issue to be understood is that whether these people are boon or bane to the organization?. In most instances, the climbers grow well around a tall leader in corporate.

Can we see any similar example in nature? Climbers grow well in dense forest where trees are tall and gigantic in size. If climbers grow in a grass land or shrubby forest, the entire vegetation will be destroyed or yield will be affected. But similar problem will not happen if climbers grow in forest. Nature is symbolically sending the message that climbers are possible only big corporate. The second message is that climbers grow well only around a big tree means tall leaders and tall trees alone can support climbers.

Advantage of the climber is that, they are not rigid, their needs are very limited, they can find their way some how, they do not harm the host tree in the beginning and also ensures that without the host tree, they cannot grow or live. The same way, the climbers in the corporate will be very flexible, no aspiration & need, apparently do not harm to the leader and always flare up the ego of the leader that without him, they cannot survive. The entrepreneurial psychology will work nice for these climbers. Always these people earn 'special soft corner', a kind of sympathy and pity.

The unknown fact is that, a climber can damage the host tree in toto with time. The climbers progressively make sure that the branches of the tree bend and lean the way the climber wants. This is what happens in big corporate also. Once a climber is allowed to grow deep, even if it were removed later, the scars of the climber can bee seen in tall leaders.

Climbers can be the part of the total vegetation in a forest ecosystem, but climbers like employee cannot be treated as an asset as they can destroy the every culture of the organization and its existence, every entrepreneur must be aware of this.

S. Ranganathan, Dr.
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