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08.04.2011 General News

Do You Always Want To Be First?

By Hannah A. Amoah - Daily Graphic
Although healthy competition is good, you don't have to push others away and be the first, especially in a queue.Although healthy competition is good, you don't have to push others away and be the first, especially in a queue.
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Many children are in the habit of wanting to be first in everything. Such children are always rushing and are not prepared to wait for their turn in any situation.

They may try to push others away so they can be first in line or the first to finish whatever they have to do.

Often, this leads to an argument with their friends resulting in a fight. Sometimes this happens when children go for a bus ride together. As soon as the bus doors are opened, they rush to be first. They want the best seats often, the ones by the windows. Imagine that you were getting on a crowded bus should you hurry to get a seat and let an older person stand? No!

If you are in a queue you should not by pass the others but always wait for your turn to bring about orderliness. Jumping the queue is disrespectful and people may get angry with you. When you do that you are being selfish and that is not good.

It is unfortunate that even adults are victims of this bad behaviour. Especially when there is power outage and the traffic lights go off you see drivers who are supposed to know better forcing their way in thereby blocking the road entirely.

As a prefect in your school you should be ready to serve all students. You should not be bossy over your juniors but be humble.

A sign of a good leader is one who always puts others first before himself. A prefect should always consider others as more important than himself. If you do so everyone will like you and respect you for that.

In competitions and exams, although you have to strive and be the best you should not rush through your work and become the first person who finishes. You may end up performing poorly.

Take your time and read the questions carefully before you answer them. It is better to be the last person to finish and score high marks than be the first person and score very low marks.

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