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01.04.2011 Feature Article

Whistle blowers - good or bad to a organization

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Whistle blowers are plenty. Whistle blowers are the one who does the good Samaritan service to man kind. The whistle blowers are like auto-immune disorders of man kind.

Any anomaly or abnormality, the blowers secretly report to the authority within or outside the organization. Interestingly, the whistle blowers are very much part of the same system.

Let us see the definition of autoimmune disorders. In brief, during autoimmune disorder, the immunity of the host fail to differentiate the 'self' from 'non-self' and destroy the 'self' with a belief that it is 'non-self' The immune mechanism is very much the part of the same host system.

The whistle blowers to an extent of 'hypersensitivity' are fine but definitely not to the extent of 'autoimmune' disorder. The hypersensitive reactions, most of the time saves the host from a definite death. Hypersensitivity gives an early warning about the danger of a particular product or food etc. The early warning can used to avoid or stop using such products/food to save the life. The simple patch test for hair dye will tell the susceptibility of the user as to avoid permanently or can use for some more time. The whistle blowers to the extent of 'hypersensitivity' will do well to the organization.

But, when it grows to the extent of 'autoimmune' disorder, the treatment options are very less. None of the autoimmune disorders have curative treatment. The only treatment option left to the clinicians for managing the autoimmune disorders are use of steroids. Steroids are extremely harmful. So is with whistle blowers of autoimmune nature. In most occasions, the whistle blowers are the 'neglected' or 'not benefited lot' in the organization. By blowing the whistle, she/he gets a feeling of satisfaction of an 'achiever' that, what the system has not conferred to them.

Identify the malaise and maladies in your organization very early and take corrective action, otherwise it can turned out to become the deadly autoimmune disease. Also have measure to monitor and espionage the whistle blowers and contain them to the level of 'hypersensitivity said Dr.S Ranganathan, Director of ClinRise Derma Pvt. Ltd., during a meeting on 'The lesson every entrepreneur must know' held at Chennai.

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