My beloved countrymen I greet you all in the spirit of our independence. I salute the memories of our fathers and mothers, who fought for our freedom and independence. I thank the NDC, NPP and CPP for allowing our young democratic freedom to change party leadership with maturity and care void of conflict and instability Therefore, we must rejoice irrespective of political affiliations and applaud ourselves for our current political and economic dispensation with fervent understanding that our 54th independence celebration is meaningless unless it is linked to AGRICULTURE INDEPENDENCE.

The basis of this year celebration must be a vow stipulating a total commitment to develop Ghana's agriculture sector just like our colonial masters (UK), USA, Russia and China. These great superpowers attained their current stardom after effectively mastering cultivating their lands to feed their population. Ghana our beloved country must first seek agriculture independence, then every other economic dreams can be achieved and sustain. Akpe na mi kata.

Today our celebration must be an icon of hope embedded in love, respect, forgiveness and appreciation of individual, political, and culture strength and vulnerabilities.

Fellow countrymen we must buried our personal and political hatreds, condemnation, name calling and insults and embraced and nurture our differences with dignity and respect.

Fellow countrymen I end on this note that Ghana our beloved nation is like a typical African DAD with many wives (political parties and cultures) with many children (party members and citizens with no party affiliations) but what we have in common or bond us together is our beloved country Ghana. Therefore, the time has come we all want the best for our country Ghana and because we all belong to different mothers, we are competing for our mothers to have favorite position in the eyes of our Dad. These competing synergies are important but it must be a healthy one to produce a strong and powerful root to sustain our beloved country Ghana. Thank you. Mawu neyra Ghana kple mitaka.


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A nation's pride lies in her economic, social and political achievements.
By: Lord Aikins Adusei