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2 March 2011 | General News

Castle Sex Video Out

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NEWS-ONE has secured a video recording of two persons being forced by an armed soldier of the Ghana Armed Forces to have sex right behind the Osu Castle, Ghana's official seat of government.

The video shows the uniformed soldier ordering a woman to suck the penis of a half-naked man. It also shows the same soldier forcing the man to lick the woman's vagina and have sex with her.

The man, apparently out of fear of the gun the soldier was wielding, could not have an erection. The soldier then became angry as he was heard threatening them in Pidgin English: '[sic] why? You no f**k before, turn your head then do the thing better or I slap you with the back of this gun.'

Reports say the armed soldier had been sent to the Castle as a security official when he saw the two strolling along the beach behind the Castle and forced them at gunpoint to have sex.

Another soldier who was also on duty was said to have used his camera phone to film the 'show' and it got leaked to the public when the said phone was sent for repairs some time later.

It was first sent to, a website operated by award-winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to encourage Ghanaians to expose acts of corruption and human right abuses.

NEWS-ONE has gathered that the woman in the video is married and when her husband heard of what had happened, he called for an immediate  divorce but later softened his position after several pleas and counseling sessions.

The male victim is also reported to have decided to remain silent over the issue in order to avoid public ridicule. His face was clearly captured and can easily be recognized by anyone who watches the video.

In the video, he was heard begging the soldier and explaining that he was too scared to have an erection.

He had been forced to remove his shirt and drop his jeans trousers to knee level. No boxers or panties were seen in the video, suggesting that he was not wearing anything beneath the jeans.

The woman, on the other hand, had her clothes on but had been made to remove her panties and once her skirt was raised, the man had full access to her vagina.

While the act was being filmed, the woman used her hands to partly cover her face but later brought the hands down and allowed her face to be fully captured.

Anas said he would never reveal who sent the video to him but NEWS-ONE can report that he has been meeting with the Military High Command to help investigate the matter.

'I have also met the lady and her family. This is pathetic because the soldier in question has regretted his behaviour and has since apologized to her,' Anas disclosed.

Anas explained that 'the idea behind is to encourage persons who have some information or evidence of corruption but are not exposing it because they are afraid their cover would be blown, to have a safe way of reporting corruption.

'With this, people can now send emails, audio, video or whatever material they have and be rest assured that no one can trace them. That is the only way we can build a corruption free Ghana.'

Source: NewsOne

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