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25 January 2011 | Business & Finance

Ezcom heads Toshiba in Ghana

Obed Boafo

Toshiba has appointed Ezcom International as an official distributor of its products in Ghana.

The Accra-based Ezcom International is a technology distribution outlet which has over the past six years supplied high-quality, original products and services to businesses in Ghana.

Its clientele include the manufacturing, general trading and information technology sectors.

Operation Manager, EZCOM Ghana Mr. Mohammed Ezzedine said: “We are delighted to be appointed as EZCOM authorized distributor in Ghana. For more than a year, we worked very hard to join hands with Toshiba, the international leading supplier of information technology. Through this agreement, we will be able to increase our know-how and expand our reach, as a leading value-added distributor, to a much wider market.”

“Our new vision aims at evolving the distribution business from a simple "Box Moving" operation to a "Brand & Market Development process. This vision will be implemented by offering value added services to our business partners and establishing a real alliance with our dealers and providing them with business and marketing advice for further profitability and growth”, added Mr. Ezzeddine.

The new franchise means Ezcom International will have the entire Toshiba portfolio of products available to its customers, including laptops, accessories, camcorders and options.

Ezcom has also been appointed as an official service centre for Toshiba products in Ghana, and will be providing much-needed support for users across the country.

According to Martin Kruger, Toshiba's country manager for West Africa, this appointment forms part of the organization's mission to reduce the prevalence of grey imports in Africa, and make genuine products available to consumers and businesses.

“There is a clear demand for Toshiba's products in West Africa and we want to make sure that it is as easy as possible for people to purchase our products through official channels,” said Kruger in a press statement.

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