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25.01.2011 Sports News

Ghana set for Goal III commissioning

By Ghana FA
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The attention turns to Ghana again over the next few days as the FA plays host to some federation Presidents in Africa and officials from Fifa and Caf for the official commissioning of the Fifa Goal III Project on Wednesday.

For the past decade, effective planning for the future has been the top priority of the Ghana Football Association's development agenda as the technical centre at Prampram gradually takes shape.

The Ghana Football Association is matching success on the field with its infrastructural development with the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence heralding the complete masterpeice of a football home.

On Wednesday, January 26, the football family would again have something to celebrate as Ghana inaugurates the completion of the FIFA funded Goal III Project, a newly built multi-purpose dining and conference facility plus kitchen.

The GFA complemented the funding for the project which cost $425,000.

President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi says improving the infrastructural base of the game is the only way to sustaining the high standards and dynamism of the sport.

"We are very much excited that we are on the same wavelength in the development of the game.

"The long-term effect of the implementation of these development strategies can never be quantified. The game continues to evolve and we cannot afford to lag behind if we are to be competitive.

“We are grateful for the continued trust reposed in us by our partners,“ the GFA President said.

Through large Fifa financial support over the years, Ghana has been developing its technical centre in Prampram on a 100 acre land.

The first phase of the technical centre at Prampram was built through Goal I Project with a grant of $400,000 whiles the money for Goal II Project was invested in the House of Football - the headquarters of the Ghana Football Association in Accra.

Fifa Goal Project is aimed at bridging the gap between the developed and advanced European countries and the under developed nations in Africa, Asia and South America to bring parity.

However, Fifa's continuous assistance is set on certain criteria - prudent management, good governance and commitment to the realization of the targets.

Ghana has led the way and as FIFA Development Officer in Charge of West Africa, Sampon Kablan says, the country meets all the conditions to pursue the next phase of infrastructural development, the Fifa Goal IV project, the first by an African nation.

"The next thing is the Goal IV project. And why not, the GFA has shown through the successful work on all the other projects that it can apply for more.

"All the conditions are set for Ghana to do the Goal IV which is an academy for the game. It's just a matter of the FA providing its quota to convince FIFA that of their commitment to development," Sampon Kablan said.

“Many countries are looking at Ghana and we are satisfied that the game is indeed growing at a fast pace. We also think the management practice is a key factor in all this.”

Ghana has in recent years made important strides in the sport at all levels and Kablan says Fifa takes pride in its contributions to the development of the game in the country.

"The results over the past years is encouraging and we are delighted that the facilities have aided their success.

"Ghana's utilization of these facilities is good news. All the national teams with the exception of the senior male team use the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence. It is our hope that more work would be done to make the Centre what the masterplan seeks to have."

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