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January 21, 2011 | Technology

U.S. Developer Bringing Green Transit System to Ghana

Gabriel Dr. Ayisi
U.S. Developer Bringing Green Transit System to Ghana

Accra, Ghana is a city plagued by traffic congestion and the resulting pollution, but that is soon to change.

On August 3, 2010, Intercontinental Development Corporation (IDC), a U.S. Corporation with worldwide recognition and represented by its subsidiary company, Ghana Transit and Development Corporation, signed an agreement with the Government of Ghana to develop and implement a computerized, electric monorail transit system.

(Follow the link to see article in The Ghanaian Times )

The Honorable Mike Allen Hammah, Ghana's Minister of Transport and Mr. E.J. Miller, President of IDC and the subsidiary Ghana Transit and Development Corporation (GTDC) have worked non-stop through months of meetings negotiating the details of this project. Now, with a landmark agreement in place IDC and GTDC have the mandate to begin feasibility studies into this landmark, 1.5 billion dollar, ecologically friendly, municipal development.

This Monorail system is a green project designed to substantially reduce traffic congestion in the City of Accra through the use of electrical trains which will carry over 700,000 riders a day to start and create up to 15,000 new jobs. Pedestrians and drivers alike will notice that the elevated system has a small footprint which will allow the maximum use of existing streets and walkways, while giving workers and residents the same relaxing and easy commute enjoyed by residents of other developed metropolitan areas worldwide.

In the Implementation Phase of the project, an 8 mile rail line with 16 stations will run from Osu Oxford Street to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. Along the route there are already plans for comfortable residential areas with shopping and theatres, world class hotels, business and conference centers.

The additional phases of the project will extend the Monorail to popular destinations in Accra and the Greater Accra Region such as Independence Square, The National Museum, The University of Ghana at Legon, the Katoka International Airport as well as the popular seaside resorts that dot Greater Accra's pristine Atlantic Coast.

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