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15.01.2011 NDC News

If elections were held today, NDC will win hands down – NDC guru

By myjoyonline
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A leading member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr Chris Ackumey, says if elections were held in Ghana today, the party will win by a greater margin.

He said the Mills-administration had performed so creditably that the electorate will renew the party's mandate.

To ground his prediction, Mr Ackumey said Ghanaians had had a particularly memorable Christmas celebrations last year, thanks to the improvements in the living standards of the citizenry brought about by the progressive policies of the government.

He was contributing to a panel discussion on Joy FM's News analysis programme, Newsfile Saturday.

Supporting Mr Ackumey's argument, the Deputy Energy Minister, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, said the Mills government had managed the economy so well that the president had won the admiration of the international community.

He said many were those who streamed into the country to invest because of the stability of the economy.

“People who hitherto were reluctant to [come and invest in Ghana] because of the falling rate of the [Ghana] cedi to the dollar, are [now] coming in the country to invest,” he said.

He rejected suggestions that investors were streaming into the country because of the oil prospects.

The Tamale Central Member of Parliament said the opposition New Patriotic Party were quibbling to discredit the president “because when he was chairman of the economic management team under the first NDC government, they (NPP) run him down so it will be difficult to run him up so they are continuing in their fallacy that this man cannot manage the economy. But he has.”

The NPP only last week scored president Mills 'F' for his management of the economy but Mr Ackumey believes the opposition party marked the president “out of total ignorance and malice.”

And Alhaji Fuseini agreed. He said the NPP had a reputation for setting their own questions, drawing their own marking scheme and proceeding to score people on the basis of their parochial standards.

He said while the NPP were in power, they found it fit to award undeserving high marks for their achievements and now that they are in opposition, they were scoring their opponents abysmally. According to him, the NPP could not have been more ambivalent.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu/Myjoyonline.con/Ghana

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