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Set Realistic Goals This Year

13 January 2011 | Commentaries

Every year, millions of people decide that the new year would be better. Everyone, therefore, strives for a better life than the previous. In order to make a new year better, there is the need for you to plan well.

While it's nice to plan and have goals, it's unhealthy to set goals that are unrealistic or even dangerous. As a student, look at ideas that are healthy, safe and achievable and set goals for this year.

You have to plan it, write it down, make it visible and flexible.

Keep in mind that this is a year-long commitment. Make sure to place your goals where you can see it first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. This immediately sets your mind on what you should or should not focus on during the day.

Realise that the goal may not be achieved without a hitch but keep it in sight and continue to strive for it. There's a whole year to keep reaching for it. Don't let a few setbacks stop your attempt to implement your resolution.

Here are clues to goals you can set
Is your physical appearance your problem? Then change it.

Perhaps there are physical appearances that need to be changed. If you are big you can decide to lose a few kilos or stop a bad habit such as biting your finger nails.

However, don't expect to lose 15 kilos in a week. Research into healthy and safe ways that can fit that lifestyle. Don’t forget you are a child without money of your own. So go with something in style but modest, if necessary small physical changes can be made over time.


Exercise is healthy, it helps improve your physical and mental health. You can decide to exercise some minutes in the morning before you bath. During weekends you can start by going for a walk .

You can also use parks, public places or the neighbourhood to exercise. Expensive gyms and equipment are not necessary for healthy, routine exercises. Since most of you are not working you don’t have to worry your parents for money.

Say no to premarital sex.
If you have broken your virginity or are engaged in premarital sex, you have to think about quitting this year. Write down all the reasons there are to quit and place it at a visible place so you can see it always and throughout the day. That way you will not think about going against it. You can see your counsellor to help you with it. If you are still a virgin don’t think about breaking it. You should rather protect it. It should be your pride as a teenager.

Don’t start a relationship
As a teenager you could be under pressure from your friends to start a relationship. You should decide not to start one now. Wait till you are an adult, able to provide for yourself and mature to handle the emotional problems associated with it.

Make a mark in school
If you do not perform so well in school you can decide to make your parents proud this year. Draw a timetable, stop watching television and join a study group in school to help you realise your dreams.

These and many others can help you be a better person than you were last year. All the best! Share Your Thoughts on this article Name Email Location Comments Graphic Ghana may edit your comments and not all comments will be published

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