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08.01.2011 Feature Article

How To Earn Money and Save It

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It is not always easy to save money but this article, may help you out and teach you how to save money. For one, do you have friends and family members that are always or constantly begging or asking for your hard earned money? For starters, you may have to tell them a flat out, "No!" And if they get upset with you, you do not have to give in each and every time and hand them free cash!

I know of someone that constantly begged for my money and I handed it to this individual. I also helped a woman and her three children out for a yr. or a bit longer, and when I told her that I could no longer help her out, she grew angry and chewed me out, even resorting to name calling, but I had two of my own children to raise and I just could no longer afford to help someone else out. But this is my story and I am here to tell you, you do not have to shell out money you worked so hard for, to anyone unless you wish to help a needy family or donate clothes and money to a needy cause. You can donate cash to Red Cross or Salvation Army, as I do this myself once in a great while, although I am not overly rich or wealthy, I sill do my part in helping others out. I can give so much but not all the time and maybe I should give more of myself, as well..but these days, it is not always easy to just shell out money and hand to everyone whom needs or wants money.

I try my best to be kind to others, and I even gave a woman and her husband and her two children a place to live in, in my home for six months. They wanted money from me and as is, I was paying the rent plus all the bills and they never paid one single bill. I was also bying the food as well. I could not help them any longer and they grew upset with me, but a person can only do so much for others.

Now on saving money, you need to get a savings account and or checking account and put away some money each and every month or weekly, and save save save it and do not hand it out all the time to others. There are jobs for people and some folks can work a job or jobs. You can baby sit during the week if you do not have a steady job and save the money and put into a bank of your choice. Do not buy frivilous things all the time, and items you do not really honestly need. If you need food then fine, spend money on food or for paying your rent and bills, but it is always nice to know in your mind that you have some money saved up for a rainy day or for emergencies. I always try and save some money for emergencies, such as I had to buy a car battery and was a good thing I saved some money, as me and my partner needed one, and good thing I did not buy that pair of jeans I longed for, instead...I bought my clothes at a consignment store and saved big time!

You too can save money. You and a friend can collect cans around your neighborhood and have money saved this way and just hold onto any extra cash you may have, and buy only the bare necessities you may need. If you need clothing, as said..try a consignment store or a yard or garage sale, you can often find new clothing that was never used or worn by anyone and take home, put in your closet or dresser and wear it at times, and you can also get hand me down clothes from family and friends and this will help you to save even more money! You can help others too, as said, but be wise, do not give all your money away, and help only those you feel whom really need it. As said, I donate clothing, food and cash to organizations but not to all of them mind you now. I do my part and still try to save money for myself in case I really need it, but people still ask me for money and I must tell them or inform them that I really do not have it to give and these are strangers that ask me for 10 to 20 dollars, and I do not know why they even bother to ask me. If I got the money on me, sometimes I will help people out like once during last Christmas, I handed a hundred dollar bill to a couple that needed to pay a gas or light bill and they came back the very next night and wanted more money from me. I had to tell them, I had no more cash on me and they wore rude or insolent towards me and never darkend my door step again and come to find out, they had jobs and other means of income and had the nerve to ask me, and even though I really need the money-I still helped this couple and even though I love to help others, sometimes I am unable to.

Saving money is a good idea and if one can do this, then great, but you can help others out at times, but if for some reason you are unable to then just give what you can to these organizations and every little bit helps others.

Well I hope my article was of some use of help to you readers whom may be reading my article. Do save your money for a rainy day and if can, if what you can to help others, we all need help now and then.

Melanie Miller
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