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02.01.2011 Religion

Christian parents urged to communicate with children

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January 01, 2011
Accra, Jan. 1, GNA - Parents have been advised to create an avenue where family members could sit together to eat a meal once a day, as a way of fostering open and frank communications, to strengthen the family.

In a fast-pace society where parents are always busy, eating together as a family has been recommended as a platform where family members could meet to discuss issues that can deepen the bond of warm friendship and love between them.

Various speakers at the ongoing three-day 2010 District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses organized in Accra, on Friday, extolled the importance of protecting the family unit, which is the backbone of a nation and it curbs all forms of moral, social and spiritual harm.

The convention was under the theme: "Remain Close to Jehovah."

Mr Roger Khunney, an elder from the McCarthy Hill Central Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, told the more than 4,896 delegates, to adopt a positive, relaxed and on-going communication method to encourage each family member to express him or herself.

Speaking on the topic: Communication Helps Families Stay Close to Jehovah: Parents, Communicate With Your Children", Mr Knunney said, parents should avoid using such mealtime conversations to chastise and berate their children, stressing it could discourage the young family members from expressing themselves.

Mr Khunney observed that, children were more interested in finding out what adults had to say on issues, such as dating, courtship, friendship, cheating in examinations, future career, music, dancing, dress and grooming, alcoholic beverages and entertainment.

He said parents needs to allow their children to express themselves freely so that they could reach their hearts to assist them develop morally, mentally, physically, socially and more importantly spiritually.

Mr Khunney told parents to avoid extremes in administering parental discipline, stressing that, both permissiveness and restrictiveness were faulty techniques.

He told children to listen and apply the guidelines their parents give them in order to succeed in life.

"No matter how smart you think you are or clever you may be, your parents are more experienced in life, even though some may not be as good as you are at operating a sophisticated electronic gadget," he said.

Mr Samuel Gaskin, the News Service Co-ordinator for the Convention, told the delegates to allow themselves to be disciplined, corrected and counselled by God's Word so that they can live useful lives and contribute meaningfully to society.

Mr Christopher Slay, a representative of the Ghana Branch Office of Jehovah's Witnesses, expressed dismay at the gradual penetration of evolution theory in society, especially through school curricular in most countries.

He said abundant evidence existed in the universe that pointed to an intelligent Creator called Jehovah, God, who is behind such wonderful works.

Mr Slay cited spectacular sunsets, cascading waterfalls, breathtaking snow-caped mountains, flagrant flowers, a smile of a loved one, a toddler's wobbly first steps, good meal and the amazing brain of humans, as examples of evidence of existence of God.

He urged all Christians to form a close personal relationship with God and to learn about his personalities through prayer, study of the bible and meditating on the things He has created.

Two brochures on the subject of creation were inaugurated.

They were a 31-page brochure entitled "The Origin of Life-Five Questions Worth Asking," and "Was Life Created?"


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