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By GaDangme Europe
LISTEN JAN 1, 2011

The GaDangme Europe has become aware of recent online publication on GaDangme issues on GhanaWeb and its attendant commentaries. The interview published on Sunday, 21st November, 2010 and titled “Gadangmes must wake up to defend their culture” and conducted by Reggie Tagoe, featured Emmanuel Nii Okoso Tetteh Mensah and m ade several references to him as President of the GDEu, among other things.

We have also noticed, with deep concerns, the discourse on the GaDangme Yahoogroups international forum on issues centered on the GaDangme Europe.

We therefore consider it necessary, in the interest of GaDangme Europe, all well- meaning people of GaDangme origin and Non-GaDangmes sympathetic to GaDangme aspirations, to issue the following statement;

That the GaDangme Europe (acronym: GDEu) set up to embrace GaDangme groups (not individuals) in Europe and formally constituted on Saturday, 27th June, 2009 in Paris, France, has no 'Union' in its name.

That the immediate aim and objective is to strengthen the unity of GaDangme people ('Ekomefeemo') as a basis for promoting and preserving GaDangme heritage. Furthermore, the objectives as contained in its constitution, among other things are;

Facilitation and advancement of education and social well being as bases for the alleviation and relief of poverty in rural and urban GaDangme communities.

Identifying and creating small strategic groupings across Europe for purposes of raising funds to support community initiatives in the areas of community sanitation, and promote educational and employment skills among the youth to strengthen future prospects of GaDangme people.

That the values adopted by the GDEu throughout its inception are honesty, reliability, hard work, transparency, commitment, self sacrifice, respect for others and self preservation.

That the GDEu's approach to find lasting solutions to the challenges confronting GaDangme people are based on;

Service to others.
Participation and involvement.
Partnership, co-operation, and collaboration.

That the means to realise the noble aims and objectives of the GDEu, are completely devoid of any form of militancy, acrimony, egotism, dishonesty, pretence, self-centeredness, confrontation, dogma, factionalism, discrimination, and intolerance.

That at the last elections organized by the GDEu in Hamburg on Saturday, 13th March 2010, a seven-member Executive Committee led by Emmanuel Mensah as President was mandated to manage the affairs of the GDEu for the next two years.

That on 22nd June 2010, the two General Secretaries in a joint petition to the Representative Council (RC) of the GDEu called for intervention in the affairs of the Executive Committee by the RC. The petition raised issues of serious constitutional violations and complete deviations from GDEu norms and values through actions of the President, and lack of co-operation and teamwork within the executive committee.

That before the Representative Council could intervene, the President in complete violation of GDEu constitutional provisions and in outright defiance of guidance by others, issued a statement on behalf of the rest of the executive sacking the two General Secretaries.

That all attempts by imminent GaDangmes and other well-meaning people in and outside the GDEu to resolve the impasse that ensued were ignored and treated with contempt by Emmanuel Mensah and his group. The RC met twice in August 2010 in the UK to resolve the crisis and appointed an arbitration body, which was rejected by Emmanuel Mensah and his group. The rejection of well established norms and the arbitration process warranted the removal of Emmanuel Mensah, Sarah Coleman, Bob Lamptey, Florence Lamptey and Alex Adjei, from office by the Representative Council".

That between August and September 2010, the five named executive officers and other members defected from the GDEu and formed an organization with a new name and a new internet-based forum.

That on 23rd September 2010, the RC issued a statement confirming the formal removal of the five officers from their offices.

That since the 23rd September 2010, there has not been any contact between the GDEu on one hand; the five officers and other groups now constituent of the newly emerged Union of GaDangmes in Europe on the other hand.

That the GDEu has continued to function as an umbrella organization for its remaining members and hereby dissociates itself from statements by Emmanuel Mensah in the said interview and every other action undertaken by the named officers since 23rd September 2010.

That the GDEu remains focused on its development and growth, which includes correctly handling attempts by well-known individuals to misappropriate the assets of the GDEu.

That the GDEu also has the benefit of the goodwill of affiliated groups and others who subscribe to its clearly defined ideals and aspirations.

That the GDEu accepts that not everyone supports or endorses the GDEu's approach to GaDangme issues. It also believes there are many issues confronting GaDangmes and therefore there can be different approaches and alternative options for dealing with these issues. The GDEu therefore does not see itself as the only reservoir or channel to deal with all challenges confronting the GaDangme people.

Consequently, the GDEu respects alternative views and initiatives being undertaken by individuals and other groups including the Union of GaDangmes in Europe and wishes them well in their various endeavours.

The GDEu wishes to reiterate, for the avoidance of doubt, that the GDEu and the new Union of GaDangmes in Europe are two different entities.

The GDEu wishes GaDangme people and all well-wishers of the GDEu a Happy and a Prosperous New Year.

Issued in London by

GaDangme Europe, 30 December 2010

All enquiries: [email protected]

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