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28.12.2010 Press Release


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Ladies and gentlemen, our friends in the media thank you once again for your time.

The movement for Nana Obiri -Boahene 2012 Vice Presidential bid wants to reiterate its stance regarding our clarion call on the former Minister of State for interior in the Kuffour administration to save the NPP by coming out to bear the NPP vice Presidential position towards the 2012 general elections. We strongly believe that he holds the key to an NPP victory in 2012. It is also time for the NPP to be reclaimed by its real adherents - those who truly believe in its virtues and values. Nana Obiri-Boahene represents in our view and the view of many other groups, individuals and organizations, Mp's, an embodiment of these NPP values far better.

There is no doubt that the NDC governments under President John Evans Attah Mills is struggling to convince Ghanaian that they are better managers of the Affairs of the nation. Ghanaian are now crying for the return of the new Patriotic Party government as a result of corruption that has bedeviled his government, the general sense of insecurity and bad management of the country's economy.

The NDC will continue to throw dust into the eyes of the good people of Ghana in its desperate attempt to win the 2012 election. That is why our great party should start preparation now to mobilize resources, energize the base and select formidable, experience and competent candidates for both the VEEP position and parliamentary.

The group is appealing to the party executives to stand on its toes because the modus of selecting the Parliamentary candidates has often led to acrimonious wrangling which have affected the performance of the party in areas where such in-house disagreements have been elevated to bitter disputes. Nobody disputes this. Let us check the result of places where party chairpersons have engaged the parliamentary candidates in disputations as if they don't belong to the same political party. The results have been appalling.

So far, as we have successfully elected our dynamic Presidential candidate, much attention should also be given to the vice Presidential position. To enhance the party's chances of winning the 2012 election and to position the party for subsequent election, it is a fact that a strong, dynamic, committed, loyal and intellectually stimulating individual who has the ability to appeal to floating voters is selected to boost the ticket of Nana Akuffo Addo Dankwa.

Also there is not doubt that our great NPP party have capable and competent men and women who can perform the duties of a vice president and campaign effectively for our victory. But given the polarized nature of the nation now, the question on people's mind or Ghanaians in general is who has a broad appeal to sway floating voters, energized the base of the party, help to mobilized enough resources, close ranks and strategize to win 2012 presidential and parliamentary election.

The fact that many Ghanaians keep asking this question indicates that there is no room for mistakes in the 2012 election. In essence, overwhelming majority of our people are demanding experienced, qualified and appealing candidate to fill the vice Presidential position for 2012 victory.

That is why we Loyal Sympathizers of NPP( LSONPP) is calling on the select committee, the executives and especially Nana Akuffo Addo Dankwa to elect Nana Obiri-Boahene to run for the vice presidential position to enable the party use his rich experience ,great communication skills and wider appeal to enhance the ticket in 2012 presidential and parliamentary election.

Other reasons why the group is calling on the party executive to elect Nana Obiri-Boahene are that,

1) Nana Obiri-Boahene is a well-known legal practitioner in the country and has work tirelessly to defend many party activists across the entire country.

2) Nana is widely known across the country for his great communication skills, which has enabled him to explain, defend and communicate the party's agenda to different constituencies in the country.

3) From a humble beginning, Nana's trademark as a hard working,dedicated,down to earth, articulate and intellectually stimulating individual has enable him serve the party in many capacities,

4) Nana has served the party as former NPP Brong Ahafo Regional Chairman, former president Brong Ahafo Bar Association

5) Former Secretary to the National Disciplinary Committee of our great NPP party and has also distinguish himself very well when he was given the chance to serve in the last term of Former President Kuffour administration as Minister of state for Interior.

We are fully committed to a brighter political future of the NPP. In line with this, we have not hidden our activities to promote Nana Obiri-Boahene as the next Vice Presidential candidate for the NPP 2012.

This is the time for our great NPP party to move to a new phase in its democratic development by electing Nana Obiri-Boahene who has all the qualities and personal appeal to pair our formidable Presidential candidate Nana Addo Danquah to clinch power from NDC.

The group will like to state for a fact that, Nana Obiri-Boahene personal appeal stretches from the Brong Ahafo to many parts of the country and crosses ethnic, social and economic divide. Nana Obiri-Boahene is young and energetic, married, intelligent and well prepared to help our great NPP party capture political power from the NDC come 2012 to bring the development and freedom that Ghanaians so desperately need.

We call on the party executives, select committee, the general secretary, our chairman Mr Jake Otanka Obetsebi–Lamptey to hear the call of us the Loyal Sympathizers. We want to call also on all individuals, party faithful,groups and organizations who agree with us to stand up and speak for a new movement. They must join us to move in our original direction by supporting this movement. We hope Nana Obiri-Boahene will not disappoint the teaming masses of our great NPP party who are yearning to see him restore hope.

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