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15.12.2010 Press Release

Africa Business Report in Namibia The successful series this month comes from Namibia

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London, Wednesday, 15th December 2010. This month's edition of Africa Business Report comes from Namibia in southern Africa.

The programme, sponsored by Skye Bank will broadcast on BBC World News on Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th and Monday 27th December. This month's reports include:

NUCLEAR FUTURE: Namibia is the fourth biggest producer of uranium in the world. As the team visits one of the country's biggest uranium mining companies the programme examines if this abundant resource can be used to help develop Namibia's own nuclear industry.

WATER WORKS: Namibia is a notoriously dry country and water reclamation is essential to ensure economic development in the country. The team visits a plant in the capital Windhoek.

CHICKEN FEED: Poultry is more than just an important feature of a typical menu in Africa - it's an important source of income for many people. But farmers in Zambia are crying foul over cheap imports. Kennedy Gondwe reports from Lusaka.

STORE WARS: Kenya's retail heavyweights are slugging it out for the shopping-dollar of the country's expanding middle classes. The programme hits the shopping aisles to find out what's at stake.

SPARKLING FUTURE: Tanzanite is a precious stone found exclusively in Tanzania - and it fetches big bucks on international markets. So how come the domestic industry is pleading poverty? Swahili service reporter Salim Kikikwe heads down a mine to find out.

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