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15 December 2010 | Feature Article


There is every indication that the introduction of American Football Game into the country could become an important industry for the people of Ghana. The game has many advantages, which consists of employment for the youth, entertaining the public, bringing some contact with the American public, drawing in foreign income for the country, and the adequate use of talented individuals, especially as managers, specialists, commentators, and analysts.

At the moment when the country is suffering from high unemployment rate, it would be a good idea for those young talents to be organised by serious individuals to commence this club. Many of our young are strong and would perform well if they were to be players of this game, which had turned America youth as superstars in the world. Certainly, it would turn many of our youth who due to the use foreign language in the schools they are turned off as dropouts. I believe if the football game of the Americans were to be introduced in schools as well as colleges, it would offer employment to many of these youths, who have other talents aside from the education ones. Let the college boards make the introduction of this game a priority, and it shall offer more employment in the schools and add more income into the coffers of these organisers.

The public would have something more to entertain themselves, apart from the British football which is very common in the country. We shall get more professionals who will be bringing more people to become interested in the new game in the country. The game has the force that brings many people who are interested in using their strength they have to a proper use. As a game for the youth and the talented, American Football shall be easily seen as a game that will educate the people to be persevering in everything, when confronted with problems. It is a game that will offer people that watch also the opportunity and urge to play all the gambling associated with it. By so doing, people will earn income as well as entertain themselves in their houses.

If American football becomes the game of the country, it shall introduce the Ghanaian society into the American people, as many of these colleges and school games will be watched by the Americans on their TV. In fact, it shall increase the revenue of tourism, as many interested individuals would prefer to come to Ghana and watch the match direct in the sport stadium. There is every indication that people that have the game at hearts shall buy houses here and prefer to be here during the season when these games are being played. Consequently, it will enable some people to bring their assets here and by so doing, to come and invest in the country. American Football has many funs in this country and the world as a whole and, therefore, its introduction and establishment shall make the American public become interested in Ghana as a country. This shall lead to cultural exchange and brings more ties to be made in the country between Americans and Ghanaians.

Television stations that will be airing and showing the college and profession games shall obtain foreign incomes for their companies. Apart from this, the players themselves shall win contracts abroad which could enable them to earn higher incomes as well as obtain popularity in their profession. College students through this can win scholarships to go and study abroad in numerous American universities. The country as a whole shall find it advantageous to invest in these games in the country, because it will bring many avenues of drawing into the country foreign exchange earnings. It can be stressed that, the idea of making American Football one of the games in the country, should be taken serious not only by the individuals in the country, but also the government should also pump money into it at the initial stages in order to bring it to become a successful business in the country.


The American football games shall bring into the country different other professions, such as talented managers, coaches, football analysts, football journals, American football professions, referees, sponsors, agents, football television stations, commentators, and etc. This game shall bring real progress to Ghana, and it is estimated that we shall be liked by the American people as well as many people in the world, which is a good sign in this world; when people have other people in the world that become fascinated concerning their culture. The game is supposed to bring enlightenment to the society, as it shall employ about 3 million people in this country at the top when it has become well established properly in the country. It shall bring Ghana closer to America and shall open other avenues for the country.

It will energise the gambling industries, which have many ways of offering employment in the country, as well as bring tax revenues to the government.

American Football is a game that fit well into our culture, because we have strong and talented youth and men in the country that we could exploit their resources. It shall generate a lot of employment as well as open avenues for the creation of other professions in the country. It shall give Ghana foreign exchange and, therefore, I challenge the sport minister to invest at least about 2 million US dollars to commence the introduction of this game in the country. The tourist industry shall boom and also the game itself shall make many American companies to move down into Ghana.

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