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11.12.2010 Feature Article

NDC's 39-Page Achievements: The Epic of “Konongo Kaya”

NDC's 39-Page Achievements: The Epic of “Konongo Kaya”
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“A deputy Minister of Information, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa told Citi News that the NPP is trying frantic efforts to discredit a book published on the achievements of President Mills. The NDC administration has released a 39 page book entitled Better Ghana Agenda which contains the list of 50 achievements by the NDC government since they took over power in January, 2009” (Ghanaweb, December 9, 2010).

Demonized as greedy bastards
Howled at as who born dogs
Mourning Atta the mortuary man
Pulling Atta the Snail by the leash
Weakling Atta Konongo Kaya
Atta Mills has had it all archived
Achievements in celebrated failures

The 39-page book on Mills
A catalogue of planned failures
Hmm! Simpa Atta's achievements
In a muddled order of importance
As chaotic as the Mills regime

PAGE 1: Mills didn't see 2009/10
Mills will be blinded in 2011/12
PAGE 2: John Mahama is outraged
Like a Paga crocodile in a cruel trap
Trapped by the Mills-Mahama regime
PAGE 3: Tree-schools in the North
Ayariga/Bagbin tractor-ing more trees
PAGE 4: All flowery jobs go to Ewes
PAGE 5: All stem jobs go to “Northerners”
PAGE 6: Akans have been de-rooted
Asantehene thanks for querying this
PAGE 7: NDC bought Kwesi Pratt's legs
Pratt will never go on anti-NDC protests
PAGE 8: Konadu bares it all in fire
Valentine's Day presidential hopeful
PAGE 9: Thanks to the blinding of Mills
Now we can see how JJ killed Prez Liman
Fire-ing the art of political demonization
PAGE 10: Mills-embossed cups for pupils
We don't know what or who Mills is
PAGE 11: Mills ignores the Presidency
He mangled the swearing-in oath
PAGE 12: Mils prophesied Ecomini
Okom [hunger] is here to stay
PAGE 13: Konom-tea-induced stupor
Committees determine Mills' life
PAGE 14: Car-l Wilson's Cars
Car-seizing is patented by Mills
PAGE 15: State tractors up North
Ayariga and Bagbin paddle all
PAGE 16: Muntaka pampers it
PAGE 17: NDC's 1.5 million jobs
Jobs that make Ghanaians jobless
PAGE 18: JJ burnt Royal Ridge
NDC renovated Konadu's nest
PAGE 19: NDC youth-ing toilets
Seizing, smelling, snorting toilet
PAGE 20: Castle-ing slave Mills
PAGE 21: Jubilee House Mortuary
JJ has kept Atta Mortuary there
PAGE 22: Konadu-ed Nsawam Cannery
PAGE 23: NDC cat-TING of judges
Killing judges like stolen cats
PAGE 24: Kumasi has NKURASEFO
PAGE 25: NDC-ed Akuapem chiefs
Have found a way with wealth
PAGE 26: Fante dokono chiefs
Now fight over Mills' left-over tea
PAGE 27: Conned “Western” chiefs
Now drink oil like dry watersheds
PAGE 28: Rapist Stan Dogbe
Masquerades as Mills' aide
PAGE 29: NDC in-fighting TV series
Orgasmic political payless viewing
PAGE 30: Collateralization of Ghana
In an empty Chinese-made bowl
PAGE 31: Oil boom under NDC
Oil doom under NDC's quagmire
PAGE 32: NDC youth in foot-rampage
NDC elites in car/tractor-rampage
Page 33: Free Tsikata Movement
Ghana's oil monster is free again
PAGE 34: Mills flies away in shame
Flies in NDC-critiqued NPP jet
PAGE 35: Mills mills TB Joshua
TB-ing becomes a national disease
PAGE 36: Amina is raped by all
Mired in NDC's incompetence
PAGE 37: Roads are lakes of death
PAGE 38: Hospitals are death-traps

PAGE 39: Mills has survived it all
In the Castle Mills goes around
“Good morning, I am Atta Mills”
Hollow achievements in 2009/10
Shallow achievements in 2011/12
Oh! Atta Simpa Adze Pa Wo Ofie
In the lure of hectic incompetence
Cascading to a precipice of decay

Demonized as greedy bastards
Howled at as who born dogs
Mourning Atta the mortuary man
Pulling Atta the Snail by the leash
Weakling Atta Konongo Kaya
Atta Mills has had it all archived
Achievements in celebrated failures

*Akadu N. Mensema, Ph. D., is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained oral historian cum sociologist and Professor in the USA. She lives in Pennsylvania with her great mentor and teaches Africa-area studies at a college in Maryland. In her pastime, she writes what critics have called “populist hyperbolic, satirical” poetry. She can be reached at [email protected]

Akadu Ntiriwa Mensema, Ph. D.
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