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Nov 16, 2010 | General News

Christians are not supposed to pay Tithe -Church of Christ

By Ghanaian Chronicle
The Minister in charge briefing the press
The Minister in charge briefing the press

Dan Owusu Asiamah, a minister of the gospel at the Accra-based Church of Christ, has stressed that Christians are not under any obligation to pay tithes, and that pastors who demand tithe from their members, are committing what he claims to be 'Spiritual 419.'

He said this during a press conference held in Accra to announce the Church of Christ's upcoming gospel campaign at the Obra Spot located at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, from 16th to 20th November 2010, noting that it will not be just any Gospel campaign, but different issues and questions pertaining to the Bible and this country will be discussed and answered.

Other topics which will be discussed include Christmas celebration, healing and prophecies, and speaking in tongues.

He affirmed that 'even though Christmas celebration is known as a Christian festivity, we will show from the bible that Christmas is not for Christians, adding that the word Christmas cannot be found in the Bible.'

Moreover, he stated: 'Why can't prophets who have paraded themselves as healers, and can open the eyes of the blind by the power of the Holy Spirit, go to the school of the blind and open their eyes.'

Querying how many prophecies of the 2008 elections came to pass? 'God doesn't lie therefore, there is a problem with those who are claiming to be prophets,' he declared.

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