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November 15, 2010 | News General News

Tullow offers offshore training for security personnel

The Ghanaian Times
Tullow Ghana Limited
Tullow Ghana Limited

The need to ensure security in and around the Jubilee Project has become vital as the date for the production of Ghana's first oil in commercial quantities draws near.

In response to this challenge, The need to ensure security in and around the Jubilee Project has become vital as the date for the production of Ghana's first oil in commercial quantities draws near. is supporting the training of over 100 security personnel in the country.

They in turn will train their compatriots to equip them effectively to provide cover for the Jubilee Field operations. Participants were drawn from the Navy, Air Force, Police and Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS).

A statement issued by the company yesterday said the training is in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) module, and was facilitated by Capacity Training International, who are the leading experts in this area of training.

"The security personnel were taken through a multi-Ghanaian stakeholder approach to reviewing, benchmarking and improving human rights on a continual basis. They were given insights into human rights legislation, standards and guidelines on security duties, and tools, skills and tactics in modern security operations within an acceptable human rights compliance environment," it

It said Tullow Ghana Limited has so far invested over $500,000 in the training adding that it offers a solid grounding in human rights theory, along with tactics and modules which when applied properly will ensure sustainable human rights compliance.

Alhaji Mahama Hamidu, the Western Regional Police Commander who took part in the training, said: "It broadened our scope on policing. Hitherto we had been used to our internal training and experience. By the kind courtesy of Tullow Ghana Limited however, we now have an international perspective that will sharpen our operational skills."

He indicated that his outfit had on their own trained a further 50 police personnel on what they learnt during the voluntary principles on security and human rights training module. They have already concluded arrangements to train other colleagues in Tarkwa, a mining community near Takoradi.

"Our objective now is to ensure that we train as many personnel as is practicable so we can have uniformity in our approach to security matters. Soon Ghanaians will begin to see that our skills at handling security matters reflect our approach to human rights," Alhaji Hamidu added.

He commended Tullow for the training and assured that the security agencies in the region would be up to the task whenever they are needed.

Mr. Basil Kondoh, Assistant Commissioner of CEPS, said the training was an eye-opener to some of the personnel who had not had an opportunity to deal with situations off-shore.

"Before the training I was very uncomfortable with water, but having been thrust in the deep waters a few times, I think that my colleagues and I are well equipped now for what is ahead," he said.

Mr. Kondoh suggested that the programme be sustained to ensure that security personnel in the region, particularly those assigned to the oil rigs, are exposed to enable them to manoeuvre effectively in case of accidents.

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