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03.11.2010 Press Statement


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01. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, we appreciate your presence here this morning.

02. The Media Analysts Group (MAG) has invited you here this morning to express our thoughts on a recent development which has the potential of greatly destroying the image of Ghana and the Government of His Excellency President Atta Mills.

03. Sometime last week, Ghanaians woke up to a gory story about some armed robbers around the Kintampo Highway forcing their victims to have sex with each other after robbing them.

The part of the story which certainly shocked most Ghanaians was the part, that had it that, a father who was on board, was forced to have sex with his 14 year old daughter.

Until that story broke, we have never heard of armed robbers being so bold that, they robbed people on a major highway, and have the luxury of time to watch their victims have sex for close to two hours.

04. Indeed, based on the story, some Pastors who believed what they had heard, went on the airwaves preaching and praying with some of them virtually asking God to fast-forward his judgment day and were passing judgment on Ghana. It was as if the Atta Mills administration, had brought a curse upon the nation and the men of God were desperately asking God to pass judgment on him, despite the fact that, the statistics and facts portray a positive picture of the Police Service, significantly reducing the crime rate under the tenure of President Atta Mills.

This one story, had the potential of destroying all the good work that IGP Paul Tawiah Quaye and his men have done in the last 20 months.

05. To be honest, we the members of MAG, like the men of God initially believed the story.

Ladies and gentlemen of the media, as things stand now, and from what the IGP and the Police Service now found out, the story is a complete hoax.

Simply, the robbery cum rape story was cooked up by certain persons whom we have knowledge of, to be politicians determined to create extreme disaffection for the Atta Mills Administration and the Ghana Police Service, and thereby kill the morale of the Police Service that in spite of the Single Spine Salary implemented, which has significantly increased the salary of the police, they are not fighting crime.

06. It is amazing however that, in the wake of the facts having it that the story was fabricated, some men of God are still preaching and creating the impression that the incident actually took place specifically on Adorn FM, where Reverend Yaw Owusu Ansah is the lead Pastor, his team made up of a certain Osofo Abedi and Sister Baaba are still preaching and creating the impression that the mass rape took place.

07. Adakabre Frimpong Manso, host of Adorn FM's Morning Show as well as Afia Pokua, a news anchor and co-host of Adorn FM's Morning Show, also continue forcing this false story down the throats of Ghanaians and the international community.

Adakabre Frimpong Manso would have the nation believe that, because the Ejisu Police Station recorded an incident on the 12th of October this year, then the robbery and mass rape took place.

08. The question is; what kind of report was lodged in the log book of the Ejisu Police Station on that day?

Was it a report about an attempted robbery or a report about robbery and mass rape?

Obviously, Adakabre Frimpong is throwing dust into the eyes of the listening public.

We do not want to believe that, Adakabre Frimpong Manso, is also part of a grand political scheme to discredit the Atta Mills Administration and the Ghana Police Service.

We leave discerning Ghanaians to find out the answer themselves.

Incidentally, it is on the same Adorn FM that the untrue story broke.

Is Adorn FM pursuing a certain anti-Government and anti-Police agenda?

Again we leave Ghanaians to answer this question themselves.

But what Reverend Owusu Ansah and his team must know is that, they cannot continue to use the name of God to pursue a political agenda.

Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil.
09. Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, is it prudent to allow the persons behind this evil and wicked plot to go scot-free?

10. The answer is certainly a big NO.
11. That is why the MAG is strongly supporting the call by His Excellency, President Atta Mills for the security agencies to dig deep into this matter and expose and punish the persons who are behind this shameful attempt to destroy the image of the nation.

12. This attempt to create an unnecessary panic and fear is very much, part of the modus operandi of our political opponents and we are very clear in our minds that a national Chairman of a political party is certainly, the fertile brain behind the robbery/rape hoax.

13. We are of the firm conviction that the story was created by them to discredit the Mills Administration and that is why the IGP, Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye, the CDS, Lt. General Peter Augustine Blay, National Security Coordinator, Lt. Col Larry Gbevlo Lartey, Defense Minister, Lt. General Joseph Henry Smith, and Interior Minister, Mr. Martin Amidu, must move their machinery into high gear and make sure that the perpetrators of this evil, wicked, and nation-wrecking agenda are apprehended, exposed and severely punished.

14. Ladies and gentlemen, unable to find solid grounds to campaign on, this Chairman has decided to adopt this modus operandi of creating panic and fear to dent the image of the Atta Mills Administration hoping that his party will benefit from it.

Of course, the fear and panic tactic is a tool that the erstwhile Danquah/Busia "mate me hu" political grouping used in the past.

In the year 2000, they killed innocent women and littered the nation with their dead bodies.

Of course, the trick worked for them because Ghanaians innocently bought into their agenda only for them to spend 8 years, stealing, looting, and turning Ghana into a Cocaine Coast.

Indeed, in 2008, they attempted to use the same panic and fear tactic, but it did not work.

It would be recalled that the NPP compiled a so-called Hit List and claimed that if the NDC won the general elections, those persons would be killed.

The NDC has been in power for almost 2 years and the people earmarked for assassination are still alive and kicking.

15. Indeed, Atta Akyea (brother-in-law of the Chief Justice), has admitted plotting to move dead bodies from Komfo Anokye Hospital to the Volta Region to create the impression that the NPP agents had been killed in the Volta Region during the 2004 general elections.

As a matter of fact, Atta Akyea's voice has been captured on tape hatching that sinister and nation-wrecking plot.

Why Atta Akyea is still a free man, is something most Ghanaians cannot understand.

He should have paid the penalty by now for plotting to start a tribal war between the Ewes and Ashantis.

Ghanaians will also recall the not-too-distant earthquake hoax: that was also their creation to create panic and fear to destabilise the Government and the nation.

16. Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, let's take you a bit into history. In 1996, there was a pro NPP group known as FARIGAN; who were in the business of detonating bombs all over the country.

One such bomb went off at the Kotoka International Airport.

In the pre and post independence era, the Danquah/Busia grouping, in their bid to have political power at all cost, did all they could to create panic and fear.

In those days, it was bombs that they threw to create panic and fear. This is a history which is being replicated that young Ghanaians must know of.

The likes of I.C Quaye, Mallam Tula, and Teiko Tagoe, were the young boys who were in the evil and wicked business of detonating bombs all over the country maiming and killing innocent Ghanaians at the behest of the Danquah/Busia tradition.

The infamous Lucas House bombing is still fresh on the minds of those who were old enough at the time.

Those of us who are conversant with the political history of Ghana also know of the Lucas House bombing incident as well as other bombing incidents.

In that dastardly Lucas House bombing incident, scores of innocent Ghanaians were killed and scores maimed.

Of course, the President himself, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, had his share of the evil bombing agenda when a bomb was placed in a bouquet and given to him at Kulungugu. Because the evil agenda of the Danquah/Busia group knows no bounds, they could not be bothered that the bomb in the bouquet was going to kill an innocent school girl.

17. And who was master brain behind the bombings?
Ladies and gentlemen of the media, it was the late Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey; the father of Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, who is now the national Chairman of the NPP.

From his base at Bawaleshie (near East Legon), Jake's father distributed bombs to young terrorists like I.C. Quaye the current M.P for Central Ayawaso for them to be detonating and causing fear and panic all in a bid to get Kwame Nkrumah out of power.

It was precisely because of the evil and wicked bombing activities of Jake's father that President Nkrumah's administration introduced the Preventive Detention Act (PDA) to deal with the evil doers.

Of course, in the end, the Danquah/Busia group supported the CIA to overthrow Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

18. Since the tool of "panic and fear" to win political power is in the DNA of the rightwing property-stealing and nation-wrecking "mate me hu" entity, the NPP stalwarts are exhibiting the tendency to follow in the tradition of its forefathers and doing what they know best to do.

And since history has an interesting way of repeating itself, the son of Obetsebi Lamptey, Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, is the National Chairman of the NPP.

Indeed, anybody who listened to Citi FM's Shamima Muslim's interview with NPP's Ursula Owusu last Friday would be left in no doubt that Ursula Owusu, and by extension, the party knows, where the story originated from.

19. Fortunately for Ghana and Ghanaians, we are in a new and modern times, and the fear and panic agenda of political opponents will not allow Ghanaians to be hoodwinked into voting to move the nation forward in the wrong direction.

20. Ghana is moving forward in the right direction presently under the watch of His Excellency President Atta Mills and Ghanaians are not prepared to turn back the clock of progress no matter the vicious activities of our political opponents.

21. Certainly, Ghanaians are not prepared to allow junkies and drug barons to administer our dear motherland.

Ghana is the only place we can call our home and it is important that we collectively protect the sanctity and integrity of our Motherland.

22. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, in short, what we are saying is that, our political opponents have given us more than enough reason to believe that they are behind the robbery/rape hoax story and they must be exposed for Ghanaians to decide for themselves if they will ever want to give political power back to a group of people who wish the nation dead just because they are not in power.

23. Amina Mohamed we learnt is a card bearing member of the NPP, and the good people of Ghana must rise up and tell her and her patrons that we have had enough of this wicked and evil political agenda.

24. Friends of the Media,
25. We thank you for your presence and attention and may God continue to bless our homeland Ghana and make us greater and stronger.


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