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03.11.2010 Press Statement


By NPP United Kingdom
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The Communications Committee of the NPP UK is disappointed about President

Mills refusal to fight corruption in government. The President has buried his head in

the sand like an ostrich, turning a blind eye to misuse of public funds, and failing to

pro~ote ~$c~Hw.tability.
, • . . ,
~~t IS still very surprising that the President, despite giving 7 days to government

i< appointees to declare their assets upon assuming power in 2009; NO ONE has

.bothered to delcare their assets publicly. For a party that preaches probity and

accountability this is very disappointing and hypocritical.

The President must explain to Ghanaians why Dr Omane Boamah and James

Agyenim Boateng, the serial caller and propagandist turned Deputy Minister who was

encouraging Ghanaians to commit mayhem like the Hutus in Rwanda, have not been

sacked for lying and not telling the truth about government monies being spent on

Nana Konadu's mother in laws house. What about the 1.6 billion cedis spent on

hampers and corporate gifts by Stan Dogbe and the kickbacks and bribes collected by

John Tia at the Information Ministry? We have argued several times that Mr John Tia

is an incompetent Minister who should have been sacked long ago, It is sad that they

are still at post collect more per diems. This money could have been used to pay our

nurses who were denied their pay for 20 months. Which is more important? Paying

monies to those who save lives or giving monies to latter day saints for their high

society girlfriends and concubines?
We would also like to draw the presidents attention to the Ghana Tourist board where

the Minister for Tourism, Zita Okai Koi and government officials are promoting

waste and a gross misuse of state funds. NDC footsoldiers have been flooded at the

ministry with ghost jobs. These men and women sign in at 8 o'clock in the morning

and leave at 12. O'clock without doing any work. This same practice is going on at

Ministry of Transport, SNNIT and the Energy Commission. Some individuals don't

even turn up to do any work yet they are being paid huge sums of money every

month. Surely this is no way to build a neutral and efficient public service !!! This is

also not fair on Ghanaians ,the majority of whom work very hard and are paying high

utility bills in water, electricity ,transport and other social services.

The President should also explain why water tankers linked with some NDC

Officials, have illegally tapped into Water supply pipelines thus creating water

shortage in Laterbiorkorshie ,Mataheko, Dansoman (Akoko Foto) and Korle Gonno

Areas. These companies we learn are paying 10% of their profits to officials at the

Accra Metropolitan Assembly to turn a blind eye to their wicked practices.

Meanwhile thousands of people are expected to pay water bills!!! Surely this is not

Our ports are still so much riddled with corruption that Ghanaians are avoiding

Tema like plague and bringing their goods into Ghana from Togo . Officials at the

Castle and some wicked customs officials have connived to rob importers by charging

President Mills must sit up and restore credibility to his government. Ghanaians are

losing patience as they cannot tolerate these corrupt acts any longer.

high and unjustified taxes on Goods and Services and pocketing the money. When

will the President take action against corrupt officials at our ports ?

Why has the president instructed Mr Kofi Portuphy NADMO National Co-ordinator

to divert donated items for disaster relief meant for displaced persons such as

blankets, rice, cooking oil flour, milk, cocoa powder, old clothes from the NADMO

warehouse pear Kwame Nkrumah Circle to NDC members and other corrupt officials

these items' are given to households with the intention of buying votes in future

i< Th~ie are so many wanton acts of corruption going on that the President has just

ignored or failed to tackle -The constant interference in the management of

GETFUND, by NDC Chairman Kwabena Adjei, Chairman of the board of

GETFUND, the 10% bribes and kickbacks at the Energy Commission, the tribalism

and nepotism at the Electricity Co-operation of Ghana, the deliberate diversion of

Premix for fishermen and reselling at shocking astronomical prices to fishermen in

Togo and cote d'ivoire, the increase in Pair trawling due to the issuing of 107 licences

to foreign fishing firms thus making our fishermen struggle to make ends meet.

Nana Yaw Sarpong
Communications Officer
NPP United Kingdom

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