23.09.2010 Feature Article

Why the sun is good for Afrikan people: Dr. Kwame Osei

Why the sun is good for Afrikan people: Dr. Kwame Osei
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I have been compelled to write this article as a result of articles and TV programmes that stated that if one wants healthy skin they must stay out of the sun and even more ridiculous that Ghanaians/Afrikans must wear sunscreen.

As someone who has studied genetics, European and Afrikan genetics to boot, the suggestion that too much sun is bad for Afrikan/Ghanaian people is simply ridiculous.

One thing that the western scientists in public anyway are refusing to talk about and through mis-education what Ghanaians and Afrikans as a whole are not aware of is MELANIN. MELANIN is the great chemical that makes Afrikans/Ghanaians more resistant to the sun. Every group of people has melanin - however this decreases the paler/whiter the skin is.

For example Ghanaian/Afrikan people and their descendants were blessed by The Almighty with 12 layers of Melanin to protect them from the effects of the sun namely the UV (Ultra Violet rays) - Indians, Chinese and Arabs who have paler skin have 3 layers of melanin and Europeans/white people only have 1 layer of melanin. In the case of Albino whites - i.e. those with blonde hair or ginger/reddish hair the melanin content is negligible.

This lack of melanin cover explains why Europeans/White people especially the albino whites burn in the sun and in the worst circumstances turn pink and get skin cancer- hence why they need to wear sunscreen because their non-melanated skin has been damaged by the sun's UV rays because their pineal gland, an organ between the eyes has been calcified. What this means in effect that they cannot generate energy from the sun's UV rays due to their lack of melanin.

Indians and Chinese people though in possession of three layers of melanin also burn in the sun because their skin is not as melanated enough to endure the sun's UV rays and therefore must use sunscreen when they expose themselves to the sun.

However, Afrikan/Ghanaian people DO NOT; I repeat DO NOT need sunscreen contrary to what they have been told. Many people who advocate that Afrikans/Ghanaians use sunscreen themselves do not know the extent of melanin and its benefits to Afrikan people because European science/medicine does not teach MELANIN.

As someone who has studied genetics, for us as Afrikan/Ghanaian people melanin is an important component of our body. This is because the pineal gland is the focal point of generating melanin.

This pineal gland secretes melanin from the sun rays and it is this melanin that makes Ghanaian/Afrikan people negate the effects of the suns rays and hence the reason WHY Ghanaian/Afrikan people DO NOT NEED sunscreen. In actual fact because of the melanin in Ghanaian/Afrikan people we are able to transmit energy from the sun's rays and use it to good effect.

The benefits of melanin
The brain center with the deepest pigmentation is the Locus Coeruleus or Black Dot. The Locus Coeruleus supplies the pineal gland with norepinephrine.

The pineal gland controls the flow of melatonin during the night hours to activate R.E.M sleep which allows us to communicate with internal memory pools or other dimensions of life in nature.

It is this melanin that makes Afrikans naturally gifted in maths, physics, sports, science and other elements. It is because of melanin that makes Afrikan children on the whole more intelligent than their European/White, Indian, Chinese and Arab peers.

A study was conducted in Australia in the early 1990's that tested the ability of Aboriginal, European, Chinese, Indian and Arab children in certain exercises.

The study concluded that after the series of tests, the aboriginal children who are Afrikan by blood and genetics were more intelligent than the Indian, Arab, Chinese and European children and this was due to their high melanin content and the ability of melanin to keep one more in tune with nature and vibration.

Melanin also causes serotonin to flow more effectively in the waking state so to "inspirience" more spirituality. This also helps to keep spiritual intunement at an apex. The less melanin in an individual, the more calcified the pineal gland and less access the individual has to the spiritual world.

This explains why Afrikan/Ghanaian people are a very spiritual people and have a high propensity for the creator/God.

Melanin exists also as bio pigment for vision in the eyes of humans and all vertebrates. Color vision is produced in the retina by melanin through photo pigments. These allow deeper melanin concentrations, offer protection from the sun as well as a fuller vision of the color spectrum (this is why it is stupid for Afrikans/Ghanaians to wear sunglasses as they already via their melanin have built-in sunglasses).

The melanin content in the inner ear also is of great importance. Through this ear pigmentation, it was found that increased melanin increases hearing frequencies. Melanin is also used to make the Black Dot more in touch with the universe. This Black Dot (Third Eye) was seen by our Ancient Egyptian ancestors as the access point to inner wisdom and divinity. This was the invisible door to the pyramid which when activated would decipher the mysteries.

Melanin in its most concentrated form is black. It is black because its chemical structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. This gives us an insight and shows that melanin dominant people do not require the same amount of minerals and nutrients in their diet as people with less melanin.

Melanin absorbs light rays and stores them so that they can be used as energy later on. This is why Melanin dominant people are able to use sunlight more effectively.

A perfect example of melanin's use is related to Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in the skin of melanin dominant individuals after sun exposure, whereas less "melanated" people require the intake of dairy products to secrete vitamin D. - Again another reason why Afrikans/Ghanaians should avoid milk, cheese, eggs, meat and so on as by eating these foods you are destroying the body's ability to produce melanin and hence be susceptible to numerous diseases.

God blessed the Afrikan/Ghanaian with melanin, therefore we must do all we can to protect our melanin that is the key of life and it is up to people like me who have studied genetics to pass on this wonderful gift of melanin to our people.